With the Apple Cup Just Days Away, There Are Stories That Must Be Told

Lew WrightSenior Writer INovember 18, 2008

There's an annual tradition leading up to the Apple Cup, pitting the University of Washington against Washington State. Huskies and Cougs exchange stories about each other to get into the spirit of the rivalry game.

Keeping with that tradition, here are a few tales of truth or fiction.


Did you hear about the Husky who wanted to do a little redecorating and decided to paint the living room?

He gets up early Saturday morning and tells his wife that he's going to paint the living room today, so she might want to spend the day shopping.

She returns home early that evening only to find her dear Husky hubby lying in the middle of the living room floor in a puddle of sweat. But that's not the strange part. Her husband is wearing a ski mask, and a ski jacket over his football varsity jacket.

"Why are you wearing those jackets, dear?", she inquired.

He weakly answered, "I was following the directions on the paint can, 'FOR BEST RESULTS, PUT ON TWO COATS.' "


A Husky cheerleader suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her. Before staking out his apartment, she buys a gun. After seeing a cute girl knock on his door and be invited in by her boyfriend, she crashes into the apartment in full rage.  The girl was already half naked and her boyfriend was kissing her passionately.  

The Husky cheerleader's mood swings from anger to grief because of heartbreak.  Instead of pointing the gun at her boyfriend, she puts it to her head. Her boyfriend breaks away from the embrace of the other girl and screams, "Don't do it!"  The Husky cheerleader comes to her senses and yells back, "Don't worry dude, you're next!!!"


The veterinarian told the Husky grad student that his dog needed some exercise.

"You need to make sure this dog runs around", instructed the vet.  "Try playing fetch with him."

"I can't play fetch with my dog doc", replied the Husky grad student.

"Why in the world not?", asked the perplexed vet.

"Because my dog can't throw."


A Husky math major sits down to take his calculus final.  The professor instructs the class to open their test papers and begin. Much to the student's surprise, the entire final is true or false.  Before beginning to read the first question the student is struck by a fit of brilliance. He takes a coin out of his pocket and marks true on one side and false on the other. By simply flipping the coin, he fills in all the answers in about 15 minutes.  

Looking up, the student notices that there is still over 30 minutes left to complete the exam and everyone else in the classroom is furiously working away. The Husky math major gets another stroke of genius and begins flipping his coin again. About 10 minutes later the student becomes so frustrated the professor notices his agitation.

The professor walks over to the student and calmly asks in a low voice, "You look very upset, is there a problem?" The student replies, "I finished the exam with plenty of time to spare, and now I'm rechecking my answers!"


Question: How can you tell if a Husky has been using a computer?  

Answer: There's drool on the keyboard.


Question: How do UW students brain cells die?

Answer: Alone.


Feel free to add any of your stories in the comment section below.

Let the games begin!