Bruno Senna In, Nick Heidfeld Out; Formula 1 Influenced by Big Bucks!

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Bruno Senna In, Nick Heidfeld Out; Formula 1 Influenced by Big Bucks!
Vladimir Rys/Getty Images
Nick Heidfeld

You have a long history in F1.  You haven't set the sport on fire, but still, you've always been an aggressive, honest, hard-working driver with courage, skill, and talent. 

These days, in F1, you have to be feeling the hot breath of the young pack on your neck.  You mature, gifted drivers who are getting on in years while gaining experience are becoming outdated.

Youngsters are entering your turf, and they grew up with electronic phenomena as an everyday part of life.  And as the top flight, Formula 1 is ever changing, ever advancing. In an ultimate sport such as Formula 1, any split-second hesitation or excessively aggressive action can result in a sub-standard performance. 

Technologies that you've had to learn have almost been in the DNA of the youngsters who hunger for your seat.

So it is with Nick Heidfeld versus Bruno Senna.  What chance does poor, old, good-guy Nick have against the avalanche of advantages brought to bear against a more experienced Formula 1 driver?  The lad's name alone—Senna—carries with it an aura of superiority.  Add to that a vast fund of sponsorship bucks that have gone to the team that replaced Heidfeld with Senna, and you have an insurmountable barrier to keeping the seat.

In such a situation, one hopes that Nick Heidfeld gets a drive elsewhere, in a car with more potential and well suited to him.

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