Alabama Football: Why Richardson and Lacy Will Outdo Ingram and Richardson

Larry BurtonSenior Writer ISeptember 2, 2011

Can Richardson fill the shoes of Mark Ingram?
Can Richardson fill the shoes of Mark Ingram?

Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson will go down in Alabama lore as one of the best pairs of running backs in Alabama history. Ingram won Alabama its first Heisman Trophy award, and all the while, many were wondering if Richardson would have have won it over his best friend, Ingram, if he had been given the same amount of carries.

That was quite a one-two punch, indeed.

But as good as they were, there's a good chance that Alabama fans won't have to wait long to see a better pair take the field and put up better numbers.


The fact is, last year was not such a great year running the ball.

In 2010, Ingram ran for only 875 yards and Richardson ran for just 700.

People are shocked when they see these numbers because most thought they fared much better based on the way they remember the pair creating so many highlight-reel moments.

This year could be totally different. This year, both backs in the Alabama backfield have the potential to run for over 1,000 each.

Both Richardson and Eddie Lacy are in incredible physical condition, and when you combine this with the fact that this could have the best run-blocking offensive line the Crimson Tide has had in several years, this duo could flourish.

Also factor in the depleted running back corps behind these two and the fact that they'll garner more than just the majority of the carries, and you'll see that as good as the Ingram-Richardson duo was, this year's version could be much more productive.