The Four Defenders Of Edwin Van Der Sar

Peter MichallatContributor INovember 18, 2008

Reading a title like mine you might assume the four reasons are simple: Wes Brown, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra. In my opinion wrong, Van Der Sar can still cut it at the top of world football, and here's why:

Right Back: The total modern keeper. In modern football a keeper has to be just as comfortable with a ball at his feet as he is with his hands. A great first touch and  accurate ball with both feet under pressure, make Van Der Sar one of the best keepers at dealing with back passes around.

Centre Back: Ability to get back up—and I don't just mean to make a double save! In the past three seasons almost constant media criticism has come his way during periods of bad form. But he has shown true "bounce-back-ability" to find form again and ultimately win his team the European Champions League.

Centre Back: Best distribution around. Whether short or long, kick or throw, it's hard to find a keeper setting up more attacks than the Dutchman. His quick thinking is a key to many counter-attacks.

Left Back: Experience. His decisions have come under much scrutiny, but a lot of the time they've actually saved Man Utd. The know-how only experience can bring can be found in abundance; look at the "point of the finger" in last year's Champions League shootout!

I can build a whole team of defense, but I don't want to patronise readers as many newspapers have done in attempts to criticise him. I wish people would step back and look at Edwin before stating "Oh, he's past it," so easily!

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