Race of Champions: Chris Hoy vs. Lewis Hamilton at Wembley Stadium

Steven WoodgateCorrespondent INovember 17, 2008

What an intriguing thought.
Man against machine.
Nature versus Nature.
The youngest ever world Formula 1 driver champion will take on a four-time gold medallist.
Two of the most prodigious and best sportsmen to grace our nation will go head to head.
This is Lewis Hamilton vs. Chris Hoy.
Sounds bizarre? I know.
With the Race of Champions happening at Wembley Stadium on the Dec. 14, this will surely be a contest that cannot be missed.
On a parallel track, Hamilton will be driving in the seat of a Mercedes-Benz road car, whilst Hoy will take to a saddle of a bike.
Hoy believes he may have the advantage as he can take the tight, twisting corners much easier. Whilst Hamilton’s pace may choose to differ.
The two are leading contenders for BBC Sports personality of the year and no doubt the banter between the two will continue in the evening. The awards ceremony is held in Liverpool later that day.

Hamilton last grasp heroic win in the Brazilian Grand Prix have captured many viewers, he looks admirably excited for the battle.

Hoy jumped on the scene when he won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in this summer's games.This will certainly be the pinnacle event for a worthy year of racing. The Race of Champions brings together the best bunch of racers around the world albeit if its F1 stars, superbike champions, NASCAR racers or rally aces.Now you add a man with an advance pushbike trying to take on the most technically gifted cars on the planet.
I cannot wait to witness and join the great debate.
The 80,000 that will fill Wembley who certainly see something special.
This is the ultimate end-of-season racing celebration.