The Hottest Cheerleaders of the Coldest NFL Cities

Ryan GuillemetteCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2011

The Hottest Cheerleaders of the Coldest NFL Cities

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    With the NFL regular season just around the corner, these beautiful girls are getting ready to do what they do best: give everyone in the stadium some quality entertainment during the breaks in the action.  

    While everyone knows the famous Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, here is a look at the girls who head out every week into a cold or freezing environment in two-piece swimsuits to provide the entertainment that makes the NFL season so special.

    Forget the year of the quarterback; this is the year of the cheerleader.  

Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Eagles have got their stuff together this year, putting together a quality team and some quality babes. The City of Brotherly Love really went out of its way this year.  

New York Jets

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    With the amount of people living in New York, their cheerleaders are bound to be beauties. Just look at them; the one on the left is really trying to show her stuff.  

New York Giants

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    Although the New York Giants do not have any cheerleaders, when you have dedicated fans like Reby Sky, you don't need any. You think Eli Manning is getting dirty with her after every win?

New England Patriots

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    The Patriots have won multiple Super Bowls; it only makes sense that they have a squad that's as good-looking as these babes. How can you concentrate when you look over and see girls like this?

Green Bay Packers

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    God bless these college girls, going out week after week in the freezing cold and cheering their hearts out for the reigning Super Bowl champs. After going to school with some of these girls, I have to say they are beauties.  

GB Bikini Girls

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    If the cheerleaders don't get you going, maybe the Green Bay bikini girls will.  

Minnesota Vikings

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    I don't know how many cowboys are found in Minnesota, but this just feels right.

Buffalo Bills

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    The Bills are always kind of forgotten in the NFL, but you sure can't forget their cheerleaders.  

Washington Redskins

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    Wow! Washington must be putting something in their water, because this one is incredible.  

Could Not Resist Another Redskin Girl

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    After seeing the last girl, I had to make sure that she wasn't the only one in the bunch—she clearly isn't.  

Detroit Lions

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    Although Detroit does not have an official cheerleading squad, they do have a "Pride Squad." Girls, in my book, you're just as good as the real thing.  

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Hot girls in tiger uniforms. What more can a guy ask for?

Teams Missing out on the Fun

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    The Chicago Bears have not had a squad since 1985, the last time they won a title. How much more time do you need to realize that the cheerleaders won you the big game?

    As for the Pittsburgh Steelers, well, with Ben Roethlisberger roaming around, maybe it's better you don't have cheerleaders. 

    And hey, Cleveland Browns: really guys, your team sucks. At least give the fans something to watch.