The 25 Best Theme Songs in Wrestling Today

Travis GoodmanContributor IIISeptember 1, 2011

The 25 Best Theme Songs in Wrestling Today

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    These days in wrestling, entrance music has become the most iconic piece of a wrestler's personality.  Entrances are actually choreographed to the rhythm of the music, whether it be Randy Orton's slow, calculated walk to the ring to match his slow and dark theme, or Sin Cara charging to the ring to his high energy theme.

    Entrance music has become so important in today's wrestling that some smarks (looking at you, Gamefaqs Pro Wrestling Board) believe that entrance music is a status symbol.  When it starts off as a generic guitar riff but is then given a lyrical theme, it is seen as you taking the next step in your career.  Mostly that is the case, but obviously this doesn't apply to everyone.  Guys like Kane and the Undertaker seem to have done pretty well.  Yes, I'm ignoring 'Ain't No Grave'.

    The following list contains themes from the top two wrestling promotions in the United States, WWE and TNA.  While TNA has their glaring booking issues, I will say they make some really good theme music.  They have the talent to be a serious contender to WWE.  Their tag-team and women's division are far superior to WWE's.  That's not to say that WWE isn't trying to right those wrong's recently, with an increased focus on their tag division and putting the spotlight on their two best Diva's.  

    I think they're taking a step backwards with their naming of teams though—Air Boom? Diva's of Doom? Really?  I'm waiting for Fruit of the Loom next.  

    Anyway, competition is always good, and I'd like to see TNA make advances, they just need booking help—badly.  You can flame me in the comments section for bidding well wishes to TNA if you want.  But, coming from the Attitude Era, we fans know that competition is good.  Better storylines, talent has options and the wrestlers make more money from the bidding wars.

    Anyway, on with the theme songs.  I based these off the following criteria:

    1. Character fit
    2. Uniqueness
    3. Replay Value (Do you look forward to this theme every week)

25. Kevin Nash: Rock House

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    'Rock House' is the most iconic theme music currently in use by WWE to those of us who came from the Attitude Era.  When Nash came out to this song on Monday, the message boards flooded.  The newer fans from the PG Era didn't quite understand the hype, as to them it was just a generic rock riff.

    Boy are they wrong—the chaos, excitement and history that is engulfed in this theme is documented in countless DVDs, and it's not only the most recognizable theme today for veteran fans, but easily of all time.  This theme song is so iconic it can be heard in a cheap, lame rip-off form in TNA when Hulk Hogan makes his entrance.

    It starts out the countdown at the bottom, however, because it is yet to be seen what Nash's role is going to be.  Will he ever wrestle?  Or is he just an enforcer?  In any event, out of nothing more than plain fan service, 'Rock House' starts off the countdown with a bang.

24. Sting: Slay Me

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    It's tough in today's era of pro wrestling to come across a wrestler as successful as the Stinger who still uses an all instrumental theme.  Like I mentioned earlier, with the evolution of pro wrestling into sports entertainment, usually instrumental themes are reserved for new comers who haven't quite found their identity in the ring yet.  

    Sting's not one of those guys, the multi-time World Heavyweight Champion has found a way to stick around and be relevant in the business, as he captured the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for the 4th time on July 11 2011, his 26th year as a professional wrestler.

    That is truly remarkable, and Sting is a bona fide legend in professional wrestling.  What makes Sting even more notable is that he may very well be the most famous wrestler to never worked a day in the WWE.  That is quite an accomplishment when you consider the powerhouse that the WWE is.

    Sting's song 'Slay Me' comes in at 24 due to how well it fits his character.  When the beginning guitar riff kicks in, then the cymbals come in and then the drums are hitting, that's when the lights go down.  The main guitar jumps in, and a few seconds later the lights are back on and there's Sting in the middle of the ring behind you.  It's a great fit for this legend of wrestling.

23. John Cena: My Time Is Now

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    I know the comments section is about to flood right now.  John Cena at number 23? BLASPHEMOUS!!!

    Well give me a moment to explain why—John Cena needs an updated theme song, plain and simple.  The only reason this song didn't finish at the bottom, or fail to make the list altogether, is because he raps it himself.  I feel that should at least count for something.

    Let's start off with the lyrics—'My Time Is Now'.  Cena, it's been your time for six years now!  Usually when someone's gimmick evolves, their theme song evolves with them.  

    Cena's evolved from the green kid with ruthless aggression, to the rapping heel, to the new WWE Champion who's time was now.  His theme song stayed stagnant while his character evolved.

    For a while he wanted to be a Marine, then he wanted to start a gang with Cryme Tyme, then he wanted to be the WWE mascot he is today. All he did was include the Marine salute in his intro, but stay as the white rapper in his song.  He's a three headed monster!  

    But seriously, this song is grossly played out, after hearing it every week for over six years I'm ready for a change and he should be too.

    That's not to say it's a bad theme, it's got good lyrics, it tells a story and it's written and rapped by him—it's just outdated.  When he updates himself, he can be placed somewhere nearer the top five. 

22. Ezekial Jackson: Domination

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    Many Attitude Era fans will recognize this theme as the old WWF Brawl For All pay-per-view theme.  It was buried away for many years before it was rapped over and turned into Big Zeke's theme song.

    I'm not a fan of this theme, but I want to be as unbiased as possible.  It fits Jackson because he really is dominating, he will be a freak in this business so long as they continue to push him and book him right.  

    I am a big fan of Cody Rhodes, but Cody is a fourth of Jackson's size, they need to make him match his theme and be dominating.  If they want him to lose to a smaller opponent, there needs to be some dramatic heel tactics at work.

    I don't think the words go very well with the beat, though the rap is fine, they need to put it over a different beat.  It's not something I look forward to hearing every week, but I do look forward to seeing Zeke put on a dominating performance in the ring.

21. Jeff Jarrett: My World

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    I've never liked Jeff Jarrett, and what he did to the Angle family in real life makes me like him even less.  However, we're focusing on music here.  

    I think the best theme Jarrett ever had was 'The Chosen One' back in his WCW days, but this one fits him very well in TNA.  Being the founder of TNA, it really is his world.  He gave himself numerous championship runs before selling to Dixie Carter and adding Angle to the mix in 2006.

    It's interesting to note that despite being the founder, Jarrett has never won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship since they did away with their partnership with the NWA Heavyweight Championship.

    I enjoy the the guitar riff at the beginning of the song, and I think it fits him well.  I just don't see myself throwing it on my iPod anytime soon. 

20. Ted DiBiase: I Come from Money

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    This one has me at a crossroads, on one hand I like it, but I don't think it quite fits DiBiase as well as it could.  It's easy to throw a songabout money on DiBiase, simply due to his fathers legacy, but this one is a stretch.

    For one, it's a rap song, I don't think of rap when I think of Ted DiBiase.  I think the version 'Priceless' that he had before him and Cody formed Legacy was great, and a much better fit for him.

    The song itself is rather catchy, and the lyrics fit his character just because of the theme of money.  But at the same time the rapping takes a lot away from his character.  

    I think they also made a mistake by taking Maryse away from him, one of the first lyrics in the song is "These ladies love me for all my cash"... well, what ladies?  You have none now.

    Nevertheless, this theme still presents itself very well, and it's very catchy.  It's definitely worthy of making the top 20.

19. Crimson: No Stranger to Danger

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    This theme is just flat out awesome, the only problem is, it doesn't fit the character.  The lyrics are pretty generic, with no direct reference to Crimson's character, which holds it back from being higher up on this list.

    Crimson being a former military man really is no stranger to the danger, so I see where it's coming from, but Crimson is still too new to really have an identity.  TNA is trying to book him as 2011's Goldberg, but I'm not buying into it.

    That's no knock on Crimson, I just don't think TNA is making a good booking decision, as usual.  Crimson is actually one of my favorite new superstars, and I think he'll have a bright career ahead of him.  Time will tell, as for now, this is a great theme to start off with as he builds himself up.

18. R-Truth: Shut Up

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    I've been working on this list for a month now, putting in a lot of time gathering opinions from various websites to form the most accurate list that I can.  I had this in the top five theme songs originally when it was just dead silence after "The Truth..... Shall Set You Free".  

    But in order to keep this as up to date as possible, I dropped it down several pegs due to how it was edited.  I like the heel parts where he changes "What's Up" to "Shut Up" when he has the microphone, but I feel that will be ruined by the fans who will still try and chant "What's Up".

    The silent version made the theme so unique, and really fit his character, which was no longer about pandering to the crowd that had conspired against him.

    Because "It ain't about lil' Jimmy no mo', it ain't about What's Up no mo', it's 'bout ME!", and I was totally digging it.  I think they took a few steps back mixing his heel 'theme', if you want to call it that, with his face theme.  Nevertheless, R-Truth is in my top three wrestlers right now.  He does great mic work, and would make one hell of a heel champion.

17. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero: Catholic Funk

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    I've never experienced a wrestler debut packaged with a theme that matched so well that I knew I liked him instantly before D'Angelo Dinero arrived in TNA.

    For all that TNA does wrong, they nailed it with the Pope's character.  The theme, his entrance jacket, mouth mask, money falling from the rafters and his swagger, it was all there and it was all perfect.  Vince had to be kicking himself in the ass for missing out on this.  He mishandled Burke so badly, and TNA made it look so easy to package him.

    My biggest beef with wrestling today is that they no longer care about characters or gimmicks like Kane, The Rock, Mankind or the Undertaker.  Instead, they give them generic names and try to promote them like that.  This isn't the UFC, though, this isn't real fighting, we want characters!  

    This could be WWE's biggest example of their inability to create new stars.  At least back in the day if they used a generic name, they had a gimmick to go with it like the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Viper Randy Orton.

    TNA, as usual, has booked Pope very poorly, but his character and this theme is still perfect for him.  If he was in WWE with this character and theme, he'd be red hot right now.

16. Christian: Just Close Your Eyes

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    I know a lot of the IWC enjoys the Waterproof Blondes version of this song, but that is too incredibly girly for me.  I don't see a legitimate heavyweight coming out to a song that is sung by a woman (save your fingers from typing about Sherri's version of HBK's theme please, the characters were totally different).

    I think Story of the Year really made this theme a great match for Christian.  It beefed up the energy and made it much more masculine.  I really like the beginning with the "GO!" I think that was a nice addition to the song.  As far as matching the character, I don't really see how it relates to Christian, feel free to state your opinion in the comment section, but it is a theme that I enjoy hearing.

15. Matt Morgan: Sleeping Giant

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    Another WWE botched superstar here.  WWE, not surprisingly, tried to book him as simply Matt Morgan, and made him as generic as possible.  A black haired, black bearded big man.  When that failed TNA was happy to take him in and repackage him as 'The Blueprint' Matt Morgan, the DNA of TNA.  

    The name fits him because he really is a genetic freak, and the theme fits him really well also.  It's the type of song that would get an opponent scared because of how big Morgan is combined with his freakish athleticism.  

    The Sleeping Giant works well with Morgan coming up the ramp calmly in his robe before throwing it off with fireworks behind him, it's as if the giant has awoken.  If you haven't seen it, the first picture in the video depicts what I'm talking about.

    As far as the singer goes, I think he sounds odd, but it still all works well together.  When this theme hits, I know what's about to go down.

14. Winter: Hands of Wicked

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    One of only two women to make the list, and the third person WWE dropped the ball on.  Winter's theme is a great fit for her character.  It's dark, the beginning gives off a sort of "Nightmare Before Christmas" feel and the lyrics are great.

    For those that don't know, Winter is a mysterious character who has a dark mind control over fellow TNA Knockout wrestler Angelina Love.

    Winter is one of the very few women in professional wrestling who make me not press fast forward on the DVR, simply because I want to find out more about her character.  She plays it very well and I look forward to seeing where they go with her.

13. Zack Ryder: Radio

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    The Internet Champion, Zack Ryder.

    I would apply for Broski of the Week, but I feel that he'll be bitter about placing him outside of the top five.

    I enjoy Zack Ryder's character, he plays it extremely well and it's a shame he doesn't get the television time that he so rightly deserves.  He's one of the best characters that WWE has going for themselves and, if the amount of exposure he gets is any indication, WWE doesn't even have a clue.

    While I do like this theme song, and it fits him slightly thanks to the lyrics, it doesn't fit him as well as it could because of the slower pace of the beat.  I actually watch Jersey Shore, and this isn't the type of music they listen to, and that's the character he's trying to portray.  

    It's not bad by any means, it works well enough for Ryder, and I really enjoy hearing it when it hits—simply because I'm shocked Ryder is heading to the ring.

12. Samoa Joe: Nation of Violence

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    This theme is a great fit for Joe.  The beat is perfect, especially when he's walking down the ramp with the fans passionately chanting "JOE! JOE! JOE! JOE!".

    The beginning really sets the tone for the rest of the theme, and gets the crowd into it.  I also like the lyrics that bring out the inner violence inside of Joe.  It's one of those themes that hits and you know some &%$# is about to go down.  Samoa Joe is one of the most 'in your face' smash-mouth wrestlers in the business today, and he is a great asset to TNA.

    Now only if they could just book him right....

11. AJ Styles: Get Ready to Fly (I Am)

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    AJ Styles has entered the Impact Zone to the words of 'I Am' for many years now.  The song and lyrics have evolved as he has evolved, and today he is without a doubt one of the best all around wrestlers in the business.  

    It's sickening when you think about it—how much talent TNA has, yet they are faulted by their booking.

    Anyway, 'I Am' has found it's way into pretty much every iteration of AJ Styles entrance theme, it can even be heard in Fortune's theme if you're paying close enough attention.

    'Get Ready To Fly' was written specifically for AJ Styles, and it really personifies his wrestling style—he is all over the place in the ring, as well as when the music first hits.  

    A lot of times AJ Styles can be seen jumping from behind a shower of raining fireworks, a la Randy Orton's old "Burn In My Light" entrance, spreading his arms at the ramp, looking like he flew there.  Beyond that, the song is actually good.

    It surprises me, as I compile this list, just how many wrestlers use themes that are rap based.  I never really took the time to count.

10. Cody Rhodes: Undashing

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    We have reached the top 10 and I believe it starts off great with Cody Rhodes' 'Undashing' theme.

    Finally, WWE has correctly developed a generically named wrestler (not named John Cena) into an actual character who has depth.  I think Rhodes plays the "Phantom of the Opera-esque" character to perfection, and his promos with the paper bags are absolutely brilliant.

    This is also one of those extremely rare times, if it's ever even happened before (you'll let me know in the comments I'm sure), that a wrestler went from a lyrical theme to an instrumental theme and it was actually a good thing.

    As mentioned earlier, it's usually the other way around, but this theme fits the dark 'undashing' Cody Rhodes to perfection, and absolutely deserves to be in the top 10, and Cody deserves to be in the main event scene.

9. Beer Money: Take a Fall

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    The best tag-team in the business today, these two guys go together like lamb and tuna fish—or spaghetti and meatballs if your more comfortable with that analogy (points for whoever gets the reference in the comments section).

    Beer Money has developed into a great tag team, and deserve to be considered one of the best of all time.  These guys feed off each other, and their theme song portrays that connection.

    From the time you hear the beer can open and the coins fall, you know you're in for an exciting tag team match.  The song itself describes both of the men, one's from the country (Storm) and one's from the city (Roode), and it tells you flat out that their opponent will be the ones taking the fall.  

    The song itself actually sounds so good that it is something that, if I weren't a wrestling fan, I would think was an actual country song.

    I can't say enough good things about this song for Beer Money, it was made for them, it sounds fantastic, it describes them throughout and it's just an overall perfect song for a great tag team.

    And is it just me, or does anyone else see shades of Triple H in Robert Roode?  The hair, the facial hair, his build and the way they do their spine busters.  Lot's of similarities there.

8. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty: All About the Power

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    This song would probably be in my number two position if Justin Gabriel still had it.  Gabriel, being from South Africa, would be a better fit considering the obvious African chant and feel the song gives off at the very beginning.

    But at the same time I'm glad it's not, because the song is better with the added hip-hop, which wasn't included when Gabriel had the theme.

    I can see this developing on Otungicutty, especially if they start calling themselves 'The Power'.  The song itself is extremely catchy, and is currently one of my favorites.  I look forward to Otungicutty getting on the card so I can hear it, but that may be due to how new it is.  I still find it catchy after a few weeks, though.

    Like I said, the only reason it fell in my rankings is because I'm undecided yet on how well it fits Otungicutty, it was a great fit for Gabriel.

7. Madison Rayne: Killer Queen

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    The second female wrestler on this list is TNA Knockout Madison Rayne.  Her theme is actually in my top three, that's how much I like it.  It's got a perfect pace and rhythm, the lyrics are perfect for her character and it's not hard to listen to at all.

    From my understanding, the singer for this song is Dixie Carter's husband, Serg Salinas.  He does a great job with the theme, and Madison plays the Killer Queen gimmick extremely well—which shouldn't be new to her as she was Homecoming Queen in high school.

    Not much else I can say about this theme, all praise, a perfect fit.

6. Alex Riley: Say It to My Face

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    There has only been one time in my life I knew immediately during a wrestlers debut that he was going to be a big star, and that was John Cena.  I called it the minute he and Angle had their first match, it was amazing.  

    Despite the nay-sayers of the IWC, Cena had great wrestling ability.  He has since switched his style to fit his character as a super hero brawler, but don't be mistaken, the kid could hang.

    I made the same prediction several years later for Alex Riley, it remains to be seen if I'm right, but every indication points to yes.

    His theme is one of the best going right now, the guitar and overall instrumental are a great start and the 'Say It To My Face' part is a great representation of the frustration he has had in the beginning of his career—being Miz's lackey.  The lyrics continue on, and press the same issue.

    It fits really well, mainly due to the beat down that Riley put on Miz when Miz kept getting in his face.  He's riding a wave right now, and I hope he develops because the kid has a ton of potential. 

5. Wade Barrett: End of Days

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    Barrett arguably has the best voice in all of the WWE, it's extremely unique to him.  Admittedly I did not like this theme in it's initial stages, but as weeks continued, the beat and artists kept changing until they came to this version and now it's masterful.

    I think Barrett needs to get a few more wins, and by a few I mean a lot, for this to climb higher on the list. Currently I don't think anyone views him as their 'End of Days' when they head to the ring.

    Perhaps WWE will book him to win and show that he's "Had enough and he'll make them see".

    As for the song, it's well written, has a good beat and I enjoy listening to it.

4. Motor City Machine Guns: 1967

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    While Beer Money may be the best tag-team in wrestling today, the MCMG are my favorite tag-team.  These high fliers work just as well together as any tag-team in the business, and their theme is simply perfect.

    Everything about their theme is pure Motor City Machine Guns.  The sound of a machine gun at the beginning, punk music and full of Detroit.

    This is a song that I would absolutely have on my iPod, if I were to choose wrestling themes that I wouldn't mind blasting down the highway.  This song is just as full of energy as the Guns themselves.

    A perfect match for one of todays greatest tag-teams.

3. Kurt Angle: My Quest

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    Deciding between the top three has proven to be extremely difficult to me.  

    I rate this one number three even though I would personally put it at number one, because I like it that much for Kurt Angle.  However, to keep this list as objective as possible, I'm rating it number three.  Just because I think it's the best, it doesn't make it the best—but I will explain why I like it so much.

    As soon as the siren goes off, the lights in the Impact Zone dim to black and you can feel the anticipation rising.  As the beat kicks in, Kurt Angle rises from the base of the ramp via a lift (recently he's just come from the back as a normal wrestler would).  I think the theme has just as much as intensity as Kurt himself has.  It's high energy, catchy and the lyrics describe Kurt and what he does to his opponents very well.

    Also, it has a Jenna Haze shout out, what's not to like?

2. Randy Orton: Voices

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    It only gets tougher to decide between number one and number two.  With much debate, I place Orton and 'Voices' at number two.  The lyrics, the beat and the mood, everything about this song is a direct personification of the character Randy Orton portrays.

    Orton's character was represented by his theme so much that he was being cheered while he was supposed to be a heel, until the writers had no choice but to officially turn him face due to the reactions he was getting.

    Randy Orton was the hottest thing going right before his face turn, and he still is.  There may not be a single theme that describes a character better than 'Voices'.  Well, maybe except for...

1. CM Punk: Cult of Personality

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    CM Punk really is a 'Cult of Personality'. For those of you who do not know what a Cult of Personality is, it's a person who uses social propaganda, social media or mass media to create an idealized or heroic image.  

    One may use such tactics to gain an image for their own personal gain, without truly caring about the cult in which they are praised, which is where WWE's audience may be missing out on Punk's true character.

    Punk's current character is to break the 4th wall, in an attempt to get what he wants, which in turn gets the fans behind him due to shock value. But he doesn't care about the fans, nor the people he's bashing on the microphone—he just wants whatever it is he's after at that time.  

    Like a dictator, Punk has spewed propaganda on the microphone for over a month now, and the crowd, including myself, is eating it up.  All the while Punk says he's in it to make WWE a better place, but I think Triple H hit the nail on the head when he said "You don't care about these fans, you want to make the WWE a better place for you".

    God bless CM Punk for the character he's portraying, I'm loving every minute of it.  He is masterful on the microphone, and it's extremely funny to watch the IWC turn on him now that he is popular.

    Cult of Personality indeed!