The 25 Best Theme Songs in Wrestling Today

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The 25 Best Theme Songs in Wrestling Today
The Truth........... Shall Set You Free

These days in wrestling, entrance music has become the most iconic piece of a wrestler's personality.  Entrances are actually choreographed to the rhythm of the music, whether it be Randy Orton's slow, calculated walk to the ring to match his slow and dark theme, or Sin Cara charging to the ring to his high energy theme.

Entrance music has become so important in today's wrestling that some smarks (looking at you, Gamefaqs Pro Wrestling Board) believe that entrance music is a status symbol.  When it starts off as a generic guitar riff but is then given a lyrical theme, it is seen as you taking the next step in your career.  Mostly that is the case, but obviously this doesn't apply to everyone.  Guys like Kane and the Undertaker seem to have done pretty well.  Yes, I'm ignoring 'Ain't No Grave'.

The following list contains themes from the top two wrestling promotions in the United States, WWE and TNA.  While TNA has their glaring booking issues, I will say they make some really good theme music.  They have the talent to be a serious contender to WWE.  Their tag-team and women's division are far superior to WWE's.  That's not to say that WWE isn't trying to right those wrong's recently, with an increased focus on their tag division and putting the spotlight on their two best Diva's.  

I think they're taking a step backwards with their naming of teams though—Air Boom? Diva's of Doom? Really?  I'm waiting for Fruit of the Loom next.  

Anyway, competition is always good, and I'd like to see TNA make advances, they just need booking help—badly.  You can flame me in the comments section for bidding well wishes to TNA if you want.  But, coming from the Attitude Era, we fans know that competition is good.  Better storylines, talent has options and the wrestlers make more money from the bidding wars.

Anyway, on with the theme songs.  I based these off the following criteria:

  1. Character fit
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Replay Value (Do you look forward to this theme every week)
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