In Dawson We Trust: Cleveland Wins By a Field Goal, But It Wasn't Pretty

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 17, 2008

The Browns made it another nailbitter but were able to hang on to their lead against Buffalo on Monday night. Brady Quinn threw another impressive game, and the defense picked off Trent Edwards three times in the first quarter.

However, even though they won, fans should still be asking themselves a few questions.

Why does Braylon Edwards keep dropping passes? 

He leads the league with 13 dropped passes, including several tonight. That is as many as he had all last season. 

There is no answer to this question. He is a sorry receiver. I hate to say that because his number is on the jersey that I don on game day, but it is a sad day when several of the losses Cleveland has had this season have fallen on the shoulders of Edwards dropping a wide open, deep-field pass to either continue a drive or score a touchdown.

Why does Cleveland consistently let big leads diminish in the final quarter? 


Our defense is awful. There is no way around that. At times, it seems like our defenders are catching the ball better than Braylon and the offense. It is sad, really. 

Another reason is that our defenders cannot make a tackle to save their lives. A guy should feel very comfortable running into a stack of Browns defenders, because he is likely going to get through it and run for a big gain. 

Usually, tackles at the line come pretty easily, especially with big S. Rogers and Willie McGinest, but the open-field tackling is just pathetic.

Where is our consistency as a team?


I’m not sure there is a good answer for that one. After our Monday night blowout of the New York Giants, Cleveland was supposed to have gelled together and formed the super-team that experts said they were going to be at the beginning of the season.

That, as is evident in their current record, was not the case. 

Cleveland (4-6) won tonight against the struggling Buffalo Bills (5-5), but there is no room for celebration. Enjoy the win until you get your pads off and take your hot shower tonight boys, the next seven weeks could be very, very long.