WWE Worldwide Tour

Jack WindhamAnalyst INovember 17, 2008

With all of the success that the company has overseas, WWE should seriously consider touring the world during the entire year.

Financial Success

If you read Jim Ross's official blog, then you'll learn that WWE has been doing extremely well on their current overseas tour. In fact, a lot of companies out there would love to make as much money as WWE does at each night's show during their overseas tour. We're talking about millions of dollars being made in a span of two weeks here.

It seems that every single time WWE ventures outside of the United States, they end up coming home with their pockets a little bit fatter.

Since it's rare for foreign fans to be able to see the wrestlers, the arenas are generally packed since it becomes a "can't miss" show.

Less Interest At Home

A slow economy and a lackluster product have combined together to hurt WWE's bottom line.

People nowadays have less money to spend on entertainment items. They're going to be lot pickier about how they spend their money. With WWE not producing consistently exciting television shows each week, more and more people are turning away.

There was a time when WWE tickets were the hottest thing in town. Now, there are certain nights where WWE is unable to fill up half of the arena.

Go Global

One interesting method for WWE to bring in additional revenue is to constantly have an overseas tour going.

Sound crazy? You're right. However, keep in mind that WWE became as big as they are because Vince McMahon was willing to try crazy tactics. He's the one that ate up all of the territorial wrestling companies during the 1980s.

Vince McMahon is not opposed to thinking outside of the circle when it comes to his business.

My plan does not involve WWE solely doing overseas tours and abandoning the United States. No, my plan involves WWE rotating their wrestlers and have them go on month long tours in other countries.

Obviously, WWE can't afford to take an entire brand overseas for a month. However, they can take a handful of wrestlers from each brand, write them off television for a month (with the real explanation that they're overseas), and do shows all over the world. On one tour, you can take two main event wrestlers, some midcard wrestlers, some tag teams, some developmental wrestlers, and some divas. That should be enough to produce a quality show.

I know that it's a lot more difficult to travel in foreign countries than it is your own. However, these wrestlers are pretty used to living out of suitcases for weeks at a time. A month long tour shouldn't drain them too bad.

Plus, when the wrestlers do return to television, it will be a welcomed one for the audience.

Closing Thoughts

It wouldn't hurt WWE too bad to try this idea out. It does increase revenue, and it does increase foreign exposure for the company. Figuring out how to work with the storylines while these wrestlers are gone is an entirely different project.

Jack Windham is the lead writer for WrestlingRevealed.com