Bruins Show Weakness In New York, Come Back With Win In Toronto

Dan LemlyContributor INovember 17, 2008

The Bruins showed a bit of weakness in New York on Saturday the 15th, playing the Eastern conference's best team.  Boston took a lead in the game easily but during the third period they shut down.  Boston got a little too carried away with the two goal lead and and gave up a goal on a break away.  The tying goal came late in the third with about 56 seconds left to bring the game into overtime. 

The game stayed tied during the five minutes and came down to a shootout.  Boston is not very good on the shootout, only one shootout win this year.  This caused them to give up the game, losing by one goal.  They took a point out of New York but they would've liked to take a win.

So the mark of a loss struck Boston's nearly flawless record, but they came back tonight against the Leafs.

A really well skated game.  Great passing on both sides, and great stick handling.  Boston took a first period two nothing lead.  Those goals being a slow shot by Kessel and a great rebound by Hunwick for his first career goal.  Boston then gave up one goal to Toronto.  The Bruins fired back with a great shot high by Ryder.  Boston stood tall with the 3-1 lead until they gave up another goal to the Leafs later in the third.

A scary moment in the final 30 seconds of the game Toronto with an empty net and a power play had Thomas looking worried.  He stodd tall, fought out the remaining seconds and Boston took the win.  They have now won nine of their last twelve and advance to 11-3 for the season.  They're first in the Northeast.  Second in the East, only behind New York, (Who has a slight lead).