Which NHL Cities Are Home to the Most Loyal Fans?

Aaron BrenkerCorrespondent INovember 17, 2008

What makes a loyal fan?

Is it being a fan of the best team? No.

Is it being a fan of a team for the longest amount of time? No.

Is it going to the most games, as a fan of your team? No.

A loyal fan is a fanatic who stands by his/her team through thick and thin.

This leaves me with this question—which teams have the most loyal fans?

Many people will quickly jump at teams like the New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings and other famously good teams, but the true fans are the ones who stand by their team through the good and bad times.

It is much easier to be a fan of a team that is in Stanley Cup contention each year, such as the Detroit Red Wings.

Some fans have continuously stood by a team that has not made the playoffs in years. Fans of franchises such as the Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Los Angeles Kings have seen their teams not achieved playoff berths in many years.

Fan loyalty is in the eye of the beholder—but season ticket holders who consistently purchase tickets for a team who has not been in contention for years are truly loyal fans.