Philadelphia Eagles: How To Fix This Sad Excuse for an Organization

C KSenior Analyst INovember 17, 2008

We all know the story: The Eagles tied the 1-8 Bengals, Andy Reid didn't seem to care again, and Donovan McNabb didn't know that there were ties in football.

Watching these three things has just become the life of an Eagles fan. The team continuously disappoints on field, Andy Reid just cannot coach, and there aren't enough tissues in the world for Donovan McNabb.

So, instead of adding a list of my complaints like my fellow Eagles fans, I'm going to actually do something about it. I'm going to make a list of how to save this franchise.

Here it is. My 10 ways to fix the Philadelphia Eagles.


10. Let Al Davis buy the team. He will finally go out and get top-salary free agents every year like we want. Who said they had to actually be good?


9. Jeff Garcia anyone? Am I the only one seeing this?


8. Go out and get another small, no-hands receiver. Seriously, a receiver with no-hands should catch better than these guys.


7. Hold open-tryouts, like the Eagles 30 years ago. This time, it's for coaches.


6. Pull a Chase Utley. Go ahead, say some profanity on television. We'll love you for that.


5. Tell Andy Reid to have his own postgame rant. This way, we can have a funny Coors Light commercial, too.


4. Seriously, Jeff Garcia anyone? Is this thing on?


3. Move to Arizona. Those fans didn't know there were ties either.


2. A.J. Feeley then? And Bill Cowher while we're at it.


1. Hire me as coach, make me quarterback, and let me buy the team. I'm a Philly fan. I know everything. Period.

Enough of my hilarious jokes, here are some real suggestions to help fix this team:

  • It's seriously is time for a new team. You may be tired of hearing about Eagles fans wanting to fire Andy Reid and letting Donovan McNabb go, but it does have to happen. This West Coast offense just isn't working anymore. The pass game is no longer the superior part of the game in the NFL. The run game is. Andy Reid doesn't realize that. It's time to change.
  • Go out and try to get a receiver. I know you tried to get a few this past offseason (Moss, Boldin, Fitzgerald, Williams), so let's do that again. You've shown me you can go out and pay for those guys, so why only do it for one year?
  • Draft a running back and a safety. Brian Westbrook is clearly wearing down. It seems he's reached that level where a running back just doesn't perform anymore. So it's time for a new back. Same goes for safety with Brian Dawkins. The guy can still hit and has his moments, but you cannot deny the times he gets beat in the pass game.
  • Just change the whole mindset of the team. Hire a coach like Bill Cowher who can pump this team up. Draft some players who have some ice in their veins. Get some guys who will start fights in camp. Those are the things that keep teams alive. You know, when your team ties a 1-8 team, you should show at least a tiny bit of anger.
  • Just win, baby! I know, it does seem awkward saying that to one of the best teams of the decade. But those Eagles teams are long gone. The good thing? There is still plenty of talent on this team. So go out, get those key players, give it a few years, and just win baby!

All in all, it's time to move on from this Eagles team. Breaking away from Reid and McNabb is the only decision left for the Eagles.

The only thing is, all signs point to the Eagles bringing both Reid and McNabb back for next season.

Groan. Here goes another 25 years. Cheers!