WWE: Is CM Punk's Losing Streak Beginning All over Again?

Jon FisherCorrespondent IISeptember 1, 2011

Is it really time to start this debate already?  Don't lie to me IWC; some of you were thinking this, just like you were thinking Triple H wasn't going to wrestle anymore. 

Events like these have to be treated with some logical thinking and what makes "good business."

If that would be taking the belt off of Orton and Cena by putting them in feuds for the other titles, so be it.  It could also be making the main event match at Night of Champions Daniel Bryan vs. Christian.  I can take a hint; the IWC would pay hundreds to see that. 

I digress; CM Punk is caught in the middle of something interesting yet predictable at the moment.  This Monday night, we saw Kevin Nash get hired back to WWE by Funkman himself.  Triple H, not happy about this, scheduled a match that both superstars wanted badly. 

It was going to be CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash at Night of Champions.  Boy, do things change ever so quickly.  After a few jabs to the gut by Punk, Triple H came close to kicking his teeth down his throat, but held back. 

We learned after the main event, which Cena and Sheamus won (surprised?), Triple H was shown backstage talking to CM Punk.  Hunter cancelled the match with Nash and told Punk that he would be wrestling in Nash's place. 

When this all started, there was a 100 percent chance Trips would be wrestling before Wrestlemania 28, but this is a bit sooner than expected. 

On Smackdown Tuesday, the contract signing was held.  And here is part two.

Each had some choice words to say.  CM Punk talked about how he wanted to make this fun again and compared Hunter to Vince McMahon.  He didn't compare them in the way you were thinking, for those who missed Smackdown. 

Punk explained how Vince has lost touch with the WWE Universe and what they really want.  Is that true?  In my opinion, that is spot on.  If Vince hasn't lost touch, why isn't Drew McIntyre on Raw?  Not to revisit past arguments, but where is John Morrison or Dolph Ziggler in the main event? 

Those are just a few examples of how Vince lost touch.  At Night of Champions, that will be the true test if the WWE will change for the better.  I'm expecting Triple H to have a clean victory.  That might be the pessimist in me, but I call it as I see it. 

If we are going to witness WWE be fun again, Punk will win. We cannot persevere through another CM Punk losing streak.     

Before Capitol Punishment, didn't CM Punk have a seven pay-per-view losing streak?  Then again, he wasn't on top at that point. 

One question still remains, where does Nash fit into this?  There have been countless articles on an nWo vs. DX rejuvenation.  To their dismay, that's not going to happen.  Nash seems to despise Triple H and Punk, which boggles fans minds. 

What will Nash's role be at Night of Champions?  Granted, we still have two more episodes of Raw to go, but a lot of questions need answers. 

My prediction: Kevin Nash will screw Triple H and Punk will win the match.  There must be a winner in this match, or the build-up WWE produced may be known as useless. 

Like I noted above, a new world order simply will not happen, but Nash could recruit some cronies of his own just to boss everyone around.  Does this mean Triple H and Punk will join forces? 

Absolutely not.  It's that simple and it doesn't take the Great Khali to figure it out.  There will be a winner in this match and Nash will be involved.  To what extent is the million dollar man's question. 

What will take place following the contract signing on Raw these next two weeks?  Could R-Truth and Miz actually join forces with Nash?  What does Stephanie McMahon have to do with this whole feud and who sent the text?!

Those are just a few questions that will be answered...soon enough. 

I hope you enjoyed yet another feature from me.  Please make use of the comment space below and I appreciate any feedback that is directed my way.


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