How Does My Crow Taste? Like Chicken! South Carolina Lays a Gamecock Egg

Nathan BitnerSenior Analyst INovember 17, 2008

I'm going to keep this brief, but it needs to be written.

I'm the author of the article, "Florida Will Overlook South Carolina:  Unconventional Wisdom," in which I predicted that the Gamecocks would pull out a 26-24 victory after Florida experienced a mental meltdown.

I now have several plates full of crow to eat and I'm ready to do so.

But before stuffing my face, I'm going to give more than the usual props to the team that beat us.

Yes, at one point, the score was Chris Smelley 14, South Carolina 0 (then a Gamecock kick returner adds seven more points for the Gators immediately afterward).  South Carolina "suffered a meltdown".  But, teams don't "melt down" without the heat being applied by the opposition.  Florida applied the heat with an industrial-sized blowtorch.

In my opinion, which is worth exactly jack-squat, Florida is the best team in the nation right now.  They have the complete team that's lacking in the Big 12:  Offense, Defense, Special Teams, and SPEED.  They make the other teams look like they are playing in slow motion.

I underestimated Urban Meyer's ability to focus his young athletes.  Sorry Florida fans, but I won't predict a meltdown against Florida State or Alabama.  In fact, I will now jump squarely on the back of the media bandwagon and predict a National Championship, which should have you very worried, considering how my last prediction worked out.

And, hey, don't feel so bad fellow Gamecock fans...every team has a bad century now and again.  We'll get 'em next year.