The San Francisco Giants Begin the Offseason

Charlie JosiContributor INovember 17, 2008

The San Fransisco Giants' offseason finally began on Monday, becoming the first team to start off what looks to be a very interesting free agency season this year.

With household names such as C.C. Sabathia, Manny Rameriez, and Mark Texeria cashing in major money this year.

Jeremy Affeldt became the first of 171 free agents to sign to a team.

This signing will undoubtedly improve the Giants' god awful bullpen troubles of last year, with Tyler Waker and Brad Hennessey. This could help the young, but promising rookies of the 2008 club which were Alex Hinshaw and Sergio Romo.

Most importantly, Affeldt brings experience and fills the troubling spot between the starting rotation, and the go-to closer of Brian Wilson. This will definitely help the Giants from witnessing the bullpen turmoil of last year, in which the bullpen posted a 4.45 ERA, finishing tied for 14th place in the NL.

Now the question remains what will they do next next with the $20 million earmarked for this year's free agency, and presumably $16 million left, as Affeldt was given a $1 million singing bonus along with three million for next year?

The next question is who is next? Presumably a infielder. With the outfield already stocked with Fred Lewis becoming his own next year, Aaron Rowland returning from injury, and Randy Winn becoming very productive, instead of his normal heat up after the All-Star Game.

On the bench will be Dave Roberts and Nate Schierholtz. No doubt will they focus on the infield, where they have many options.

The possibilities is the movement of keeping Kevin Frandsen at third or moving him to second, along with Emmanuel Burriss going to his more comfortable position of second base instead of shortstop, or Pablo Sanchez who can play first and third base, and will be the backup to Bengie Molina behind the dish.

So who will it be Rafael Furcal? That's what the rumors are indicating, but is he really worth it?

He will probably be in the Bay next year, as the Oakland A's to are very interested. And  although he would be a very good addition to the Giants, the question should be, how many games will he play?

That comes to me as something bothering because I would like to see my money spent on a player that is useful to the team, and isn't M.I.A. because of injuries.