International Football: The Future of the English National Team

Monkey GorrilaContributor IAugust 31, 2011

International Football: The Future of the English National Team

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    England has consistently produced young and talented stars, but has never successfully produced the results to satisfy their fans.

    Once again, England underachieved at the FIFA World Cup, thanks to several players who arguably should have been given disciplinary action. 

    Several England stars are getting older and older, and players such as Rio Ferdinand are starting to put in extremely inconsistent performances, or suffer repeated injuries.

    However, several promising youngsters have emerged recently, bringing hope (or maybe false hope) to England. 

GK: Joe Hart (Manchester City)

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    After the likes of Robert Green and David James failed to help England win the FIFA World Cup in 2010, England boss Fabio Capello knew that if he kept Joe Hart on the bench any longer he'd be shot by an S.A.S sniper.

    Joe Hart has made mistakes himself, but certainly not as many as his predecessors. He is still young, and playing more and more will help him improve over time. As for the FIFA World Cup in 2014, Joe Hart is definitely the best choice to put in goal.

    He hasn't sustained any major injuries, nor has he suffered a terrible drop in form. He has even scored a penalty before!

LWB: Ashley Cole (Chelsea)

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    We have yet to see anyone capable of replacing Ashley Cole, who is still arguably best left back in the world.

    He will be 33 years old in 2014, but the current Chelsea left back is still fast and sharp, providing essential offensive support and also solid in defence. His tackling skills are remarkable and his crosses into the box annoys and troubles the opposition defence.

    We can hope that another star emerges to replace the aging Cole, or that he maintains his current form at least until the 2014 FIFA World Cup is over. 

LWB: James Milner (Manchester City)

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    Currently playing for EPL big boys Manchester City, James Milner can be a strong replacement for Ashley Cole if he continues to develop at Manchester City.

    James Milner plays in the midfield for Manchester City, but has been tipped by several stars to be a suitable offensive LWB for England.

    So why not give it a try? He shouldn't be too bad compared to a 33 year old dude right? This all depends on whether Ashley Cole maintains his current form, and whether Milner can continue to shine!

CB/RWB: Chris Smalling (Manchester United)

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    The young lad has still lots of areas to improve, but he has continuously shown promising signs while at Manchester United, providing more than adequate cover for Nemanja Vidic or Rio Ferdinand.

    He will not be as solid as John Terry and Ferdinand once were, and his lack of experience may mean Capello continues to rely on some older heads.

    Although Smalling has already been included in Capello's squads before, we shouldn't forget Fabio did call Theo Walcott  in to warm the bench (back when he was useful).

    This lad however could be placed in a RWB position if a replacement is not found for the currently injured Glen Johnson.

CB/DMF: Phil Jones (Manchester United)

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    This 19 year old kid will most likely be part of England's 2014 defensive line up.

    Fabio could place him in the CB position alongside the likes of Smalling.

    Fabio could also use him in midfield as a DMF, which would allow Jones to move forward more.

    Jones, similar to the other young defenders, has shown solid defensive skills, and appears capable of matching the performances John Terry and Ferdinand used to give England.

CB: Joleon Lescott (Manchester City)

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    Nothing much needs to be said about this guy.

    Lescott is suitable for the CB position, which would allow Smalling to play on as a RWB.

    However, at 29 years old, the Manchester City CB might have lost it come 2014.

    So once again, let's hope he doesn't.

LW: Ashley Young (Manchester United)

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    He was already making decent in-roads into Capello’s team before his United move.

    His Old Trafford start, and two sensational goals against Arsenal make him the wing man in form (as usual, he will have to keep up that form).

    He could also play deep behind a lone striker.

    Ashley Young will definitely be on the 2014 team, if he isn't we seriously need to shot Capello in the head. 

AMF: Josh McEachran (Chelsea)

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    Born in Oxford, the young midfielder shows signs of creative playmaking, and is probably the only playmaker England will have to replace the completely out of form Frank Lampard.

    McEachran, however, needs a lot of play time and experience to be able to join the England squad. Both Chelsea and England must make way for the young lad to play more.

    His contributions to the Chelsea and England Under 21's should have got him a place in the squad but Fabio, as usual prefers, his old rusty players. 

CM: Tom Cleverley (Manchester United)

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    He has been a star of United’s start to the season.

    England have lamented the loss of Paul Scholes since 2004 but the 22-year-old could end those laments, and bring a freshness to the Gerrard-Lampard dominated engine room.

    Cleverly however lack the creative juice that Frank Lampard once had. The link up between Frank Lampard and Gerrard has proven that one lone playermaker is not the way to play, as Lampard had to provide everything in the midfield while Gerrard goes forward.

    Cleverly will have to learn how to provide essential support to the offensive men, or at least learn how to assist McEachran.

RW: Adam Johnson (Manchester City)

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    Losing out to the likes of Nasri and Silva at City, Johnson is still not a player to be forgotten.

    He hasn’t let England down when he’s played, and would balance Capello’s wing roles up superbly with Ashley Young on the left.

LW: Stewart Downing (Liverpool)

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    This young lad will be more of a super-sub than a first team player.

    Though he is currently having a wonderful season at Liverpool, he is nowhere close to the in form Ashley Young. But his improving play and his offensive abilities will certainly help England put something behind the net. 

ST: Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

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    Who else other than the dude that already cost us 2 World Cups?

    Yes Rooney's temper and inconsistent form has each cost England the World Cup, but he is still the best we currently have.

    His form has returned as much as his hair has, let's hope his hair transplant from Giggs gave him some of the temper control that Giggs has too. 

    Rooney should be the lone striker up front, or maybe assisted by Ashley Young who would play behind him, and maybe play along with fellow team mate Danny Welbeck.

ST: Danny Welbeck (Manchester United)

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    Not much needs to be said about this guy after his displays for the England Under 21's and Manchester United.

    The typical English fast and furious type of offensive player, he should team up with ease alongside Rooney, or even fellow under 21 teammate Daniel Sturridge.

    He has scored several times and shown that his sharpness is as good as Rooney's, and unlike Rooney is still very, very young.

ST: Daniel Sturridge (Chelsea)

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    Daniel Sturridge has scored in preseason for Chelsea, shown great form in previous years Under 21's for England, and has made several first team appearances for Chelsea.

    His capability to put the ball in the net is not to be underestimated but, compared to the two other England strikers, his style is as dull as the history book you study in school.

The Idiot: Fabio Capello

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    Most fans like to blame Manchester Untied striker Wayne Rooney for England's terrible display at the FIFA World Cup, while Chelsea fans could claim the only in form player in Ashley Cole.

    But, as much as I hate the arrogant Wayne Rooney (who is somewhat improving at using his brain before he opens his mouth) this guy up here should take all the blame.

    Capello never allowed the likes of Theo Walcott to play (he will probably tell you that he expected Walcott to become the hopeless player he is today). His unwillingness to play young lads cost England the World Cup. It is time to let the senior team go and bring in the new lads.

    So what I would suggest is that if Capello still does not play the young players, we need to fire him!


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