In The Numbers: Texas Vs. Florida a BCS Scenario

Justin ThomasContributor INovember 17, 2008

So many people argue...

...That Florida will eventually play Texas in the National Championship.  Personally, I think that Texas Tech is underestimated and that they will most likely win out and win the conference. That is neither here nor there for this article.

This article is about the numbers and how these two teams match-up (on paper) at this very moment in the season.

First, to take a look at the Offensive Numbers:


Florida is 15th in rushing offense compared to Texas' 38th ranking thus far in the season.


Texas is sixth in passing offense compared to Florida's 66th statistically ranked passing attack.


Texas in ninth in total offense while Florida is 25th.


Florida is fifth in scoring offense, but one spot behind in sixth place is Texas.

Through the numbers, Texas takes the cake on offense.  The statistic that matters here is the scoring though because points always determine the winner.  Therefore, based on paper, the Gators have a slight edge in offense only because scoring is what is the final statistic that ever matters at the end of the game.

Now for the Defensive Stats:


Texas is fourth in the country in rushing defense, while Florida is 11th.  This may be a slightly misleading statistic seeing as how Texas has played many pass first teams, and Florida has played more run first teams.


Florida is 14th in pass defense, clearly taking an advantage over the 110th ranked Texas defense.  This may also be misleading because of the teams played as stated in the rush defense analysis.


Florida is sixth in total defense, while Texas is 58th.  This could make for an interesting match-up on the defensive side of the ball.


Florida is fourth in defensive scoring, and Texas is 25th. 

I believe the edge clearly goes to Florida in the defensive numbers.  It could cause problems for a high powered Texas offense.

What I have observed and concluded:

These numbers are all good, on paper.  The statistic I want to point out the most is that Florida has handled, mightily, six defenses, five in the SEC, ranked nationally within the top 40 by at least 23 points. That's impressive. 

Texas has not played a defense inside the top 60!  That is crazy seeing as how they barely hang on to win some games, or win games right at the end.  I will give them the benefit of the doubt only because they play some high-powered offenses that keep up with them.  Defense is not a huge emphasis as long as they can hang tough.

The main conclusion I am making is that Florida may be almost equal to Texas on paper, but Texas has not played near the game Florida has in the past weeks.  Florida embarrasses teams week in and week out.  They make top defenses look like high school teams.  The crazy thing is their defense doesn't let up and Charlie Strong and company takes pride in that. 

Florida, in my opinion, could handle Texas easily because they have a good, strong, well-rounded football team that not only plays offense to keep up, but also plays defense to see how low they can hold teams in scoring.

They are fierce, strong, and playing POSSESSED!!!

Let the debates begin.

For a list of statistics in the 2008 season, go to the NCAA stats site: