Ryan Howard Not The MVP..Say What?

Mike ThomasContributor INovember 17, 2008

Two years ago Ryan Howard won his first MVP award.

He has 58 homers, had 149 RBIs and had 182 hits. This year he was back at it again during the Phillies World Series. He had 48 homers, 153 hits and 146 RBIs. Even though he was tops in all those categories, I think it was his strikeouts that hurt him. Howard struck out 199 times.

So the writers that had to vote probably looked at that, instead of looking at how the Philadelphia Phillies really gotta into the playoffs. Pujols only had 54 strikeouts in 524 at-bats. Pujols, however, did not lead his team to the playoffs, and did not have one of the biggest Septembers ever.

Ryan Howard did.

Yes, he finished second in the MVP voting but he should have finished first in my opinion. I didn't know the MVP was given to a player that was part of a fourth place team that was not in the wild card race.

That's not valuable.