Don Cherryism: For True Hockey Fans

Tyler HillAnalyst INovember 17, 2008

Don Cherry is more well know in Canada than anyone. Yes that includes our Prime Minister. He is unarguably, the most respected man in Hockey and in many minds (such as my own) all of Canada.

I encourage all readers to take a look at his autobiography: Grapes, A Vintage View Of Hockey.

It was soon after reading this book that my respect for Mr. Cherry increased largely. So much so that I have started my own religion so to speak. I call it Don Cherryism and I am a Don Cherryist. I have taken the liberty to start a Facebook group of the same name; I encourage anyone who is interested to join.

The book is all about the behind the scenes drama of Don Cherry’s life, from his time as a young boy to the first days of Coaches Corner.  It includes his feud with Former Boston GM, Harry Sinden, his days in the AHL and his time working odd jobs to make a little money.

Just so I don't drag this on and on I will say this: “What’s the one thing it takes to be great?! I dunno, but Don Cherry has it.” Thank you to Andrew Echevarria for that quote.

Check out the Facebook Group