2011 SEC Football Predictions: Week 1

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2011

2011 SEC Football Predictions: Week 1

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    Of course the SEC title will be won in the west this year, or so they say. With Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Georgia and Auburn all in the AP Top 25 something has got to give.

    I want to look at each SEC game and break it down on a week-by-week basis as we get ready to knock each team out of the Top 25 and get one team closer to the crystal ball.

    This week is the patsy week with a couple of exceptions so the break down will not be too in-depth.

Kent State at Alabama: 45-3 Bama

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    Of course, Saban takes pity on his alma mater.

    The Tide will run the ball and give it a couple of throws. The main focus will be on the offensive line and how well they hold up the run.

    I expect Sims and McCarron to harness the crossing route and flats passing game for timing.

    There shouldn't be too many, if any bombs thrown in this one.

Missouri State at Arkansas: 59-10

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    The Bears don't have much for the Hogs, but they are willing to at least try.

    We will see Tyler Wilson throw four touchdowns, and Wingo, Curtis and Johnson make a run for another four combined.

    Defensively, the second string takes a break and lets the third string get scored on!

Utah State at Auburn: 56-24

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    Auburn unleashes Ontario around the side, and he scoots 79 yards for a touchdown.

    Wait, he does it again! Put in short stride Dyer. This kid starts running north for a couple of touchdowns.

    Okay, the coaches are bored with this so they let Trotter have some game-time throws and build some touchdown confidence for the following week's MSU game.

    The defense shows what they have, but Malzahn keeps some of the best plays for later in the season.

Oregon at LSU: 31-28

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    Even with all of the off-the-field issues LSU has had, there is no reason in the world they can't take care of this Oregon team.

    Defensively, the Tigers are deeper and more experienced. Offensively, they rely on the run game with intermittent passes from J-Lee. The point of this game is to wear down the Ducks defense and eat up the clock. Slow-wa down-na the tempo-a!

    With Oregon starting three new linemen and losing some top receivers, I look for the Tiger D-line to be in the backfield a lot and disrupt the pass.

    Claiborne should be a menace in the secondary, and Jarret Lee may see some easy passes with a Duck backfield missing some key players.

MSU at Memphis: 41-10

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    This is about the same score as last year.

    The Bulldogs are licking their chops thinking about the following weekend. That doesn't mean State will look past this team.

    The Tigers keep it interesting through the first quarter, and then, it gets ugly. 

BYU at Mississippi: 31-30

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    Bronco's team didn't perform so well last season, but with youth, comes inexperience...the following year.

    This year, he brings back an experienced line and some good running backs with a very capable quarterback. Defensively, they lose a lot so it is going to be up to the Ole Miss quarterback to exploit those holes, especially in the secondary.

    Ole Miss loses too much on defense as well. 

    The offensive onslaught goes to BYU.

Florida Atlantic at Florida: 39-10

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    Florida will have some hiccups this season but none on this game.

    I doubt we see a lot of mis-snaps and such, and I am sure we see a better looking Brantley. Florida Atlantic breaks in a new QB and will have its chances to make some plays, but a Muschamp defense will hold them steady.

    A good start for the Coach Boom era.

BSU at UGA: 31- 20

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    Relying on a true freshman running back is never good. Over estimating the value of your team is even worse. I believe Richt is guilty on all accounts.

    The Bulldog's offensive line is injury-prone and not as deep as it needs to be. Without a go-to receiver, Murray is just winging it.

    This BSU team lives for games like this. It is their season. They define their lives on one game and one game only in a season. This is it for them, and they will make the most of it.

    Even if they are missing a couple of go-to receivers, offensive linemen and running back, they still bring back a very capable defense.

    Start packing Richt because the Broncos are going to stampede the Dawgs.

    I hope I'm wrong.

Western Kentucky at Kentucky...in Nashville: 31-14

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    Joker takes this game seriously, because he needs the win almost as much as Houston Nutt needs to beat BYU.

    Not an exciting game, but if you wear blue, I guess it beats waiting around for basketball.

East Carolina at South Carolina: 45- 13

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    Some impressive running and throwing by the Gamecocks lead everyone to believe that they will beat UGA the following week.

    Defensively, South Carolina needs a little work, but that will get tuned up during the practice week.

    Garcia is focusing on what will be his swan song season after 10 years in the conference.

Montana at Tennessee: 49-14

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    Okay, an experienced offensive line and returning quarterback means that things are looking up.

    Defensively, some serious work needs to be done, but these Vols are up the Reich's challenge...I mean Coach Dooley's challenge.

Elon at Vanderbilt: 31-7

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    Elon brings their lacrosse team to Nashville for some educational debating. Really, Elon? What is this about here?

    I refuse to even look up their football team on principle alone!

    Let's just say they aren't that good and leave it at that.