Another High Profile Match For Miz and Morrison

Martin BentleyCorrespondent IJune 24, 2016

Despite not always having the victories to prove it, WWE appear to be very high on the team of John Morrison and The Miz as of late.

The roster split hasn't exactly been kept to well since its introduction in 2002, but recently, wrestlers have tended to stay on their brands over the past several months. The two current exceptions to this rule are Miz and Morrison, who on some occasions, you'll see wrestling on all three shows in a single week.

And tonight, you'll see them on RAW again, as they're in yet another big match, this time against the exciting team of Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio.

Ever since ECW wrestlers were allowed onto RAW a few months ago, Miz and Morrison have appeared nearly every single week, wrestling the likes of the Hardy's, Cryme Tyme and the team of Mysterio and Evan Bourne, with whom Miz and Morrison had one of RAW's best matches of 2008. And just a fortnight ago, Miz and Morrison put in an amazing performance against none other than D-Generation X, including a stunning Sweet Chin Music by Morrison on Triple H. No wonder some people call the Shaman of Sexy the new HBK.

Tonight, he's up against HBK himself, and one wonders if they'll try Sweet Chin Music on each other at the very same time. It will be a sight to behold.

And The Miz is keeping his end of the bargain as well—many say he's the most improved wrestler of 2008, and that comes with working with Morrison closely, and being in the ring with such big names as Michaels, Triple H, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk to name but a few.

Two years ago, he was the laughing stock of the company, breaking down and failing in live Diva Search segments, and putting on very awful matches. If you watch that period of The Miz's career on YouTube, you'd argue you were watching a completely different person.

Many reckon that John Morrison will be a World Champion within the next two years, and therefore the Miz and Morrison team should be split up. I say that shouldn't happen just yet, as with the rub both men are getting, whether they win or lose, they'll get to a higher level the way they're going at the moment.

The Miz will definitely be a credible Intercontinental or United States Champion, and the day Morrison wins the WWE or World Heavyweight Title will be a very special day for me as a wrestling fan. You may not think it right now, but tonight's match with Michaels and Mysterio will go some way to both men reaching for bigger things.