US Open 2011 Tennis: Top 5 Best Shots from Day 1

Jeff Cohn@jeff_cohnCorrespondent IIIAugust 31, 2011

US Open 2011 Tennis: Top 5 Best Shots from Day 1

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    This 2011 US Open slideshow, which only includes clips from the first day of the tournament and some footage of players' practicing, includes some amusing surprises.

    It is a truly remarkable thing to look at tennis highlights and witness the best shots and points from an entire event, or even a season, but when was the last time you saw five heavenly plays in the same day or even in a practice session?

    And yes, that was a rhetorical question.

    Here are the top five most spectacular shots from the first day—and even the first-round—of the 2011 US Open and prior.

Honorable Mention: Roger Federer's Circus Act

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    Start this video at 3:26 to see Roger Federer's hilarious and seemingly uncoordinated overheads. The last one is particularly funny because Federer somehow manages to sneak a jumping jack in there.

5. Richard Gasquet's Backhand 360 Overhead

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    Richard Gasquet displayed his wonderful abilities as a player, dispatching Sergiy Stakhovsky in easy straight sets.

    Check out his amazing put-away that bounces into the crowd.

4. Roger Federer's Fake Dropshot

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    The Maestro officially added the forehand dropshot to his arsenal in 2009, which also served as the year of his French Open triumph and record-breaking 15th Grand Slam at Wimbledon.

    But enough with the historical facts.

    Roger's net game is world-class and it's interesting to see him use this unconventional dropper to approach the net. Start the video at 0:23 to see what I mean.

3. Gael Monfils Pronating (With His Foot)

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    Soccer tennis (or football tennis for non-Americans) is a delight to watch—especially when the athletes are exceptionally talented at it.

    Here, Gael Monfils, the walking highlight reel, is playing against Stanislas Wawrinka in a friendly doubles game to get their muscles warmed up before the first day of play. Check out the Frenchman's ball skills with a much bigger ball.

2. Sergiy Stakhovsky's Behind-the-Back Angled Winner

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    It looks like a tweener, but it may be even tougher to pull off due to the incredibly fast pendulum motion of the arm.

    Stakhovsky lost this match, but he won many hearts with this insane passing shot.

1. Gael Monfils' Upside-Down Bicycle Kick

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    Although this does not qualify as actual tennis, it is the best "shot" from the US Open thus far.

    This slideshow is also proof that Gael Monfils and Roger Federer are the kings of highlight reels. So even if you don't root for any of the players featured in this compilation, at least root for them to keep pulling off the incredible.