35 Sexiest Sportscasters from Around the World

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIAugust 31, 2011

35 Sexiest Sportscasters from Around the World

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    While the world may see differing opinions on the style of athletics and the way to appreciate teams, there is one aspect of sports that every piece of occupied land prioritizes equally.

    Sportscasting often seems to require an aesthetically pleasing smile and a warm relationship with the camera, with the wide array of beautiful women now gracing sports networks.

    All sports fans love to watch the games and appreciate the atmosphere, but nothing makes them feel more enlightened than watching an appealing female report.

    The world is a melting pot of enthusiastic sports fans and sexy reporters.

    Here are the 35 hottest ones from around the globe.


35. Erin Bates: United States

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    As if the X Games weren't exhilarating enough, this sexy sportscaster took it to the next level. 

    Reporting for motorsports since 2003, Bates has always had an affinity for bikes, once a rider.

    We'll take this bates.

34. Di Stewart: England

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    Best known as the presenter of Golf Night for Sky Sports, Stewart is also a certified WAG.

    The former girlfriend of England rugby player Jonny Wilkinson is now married to European Tour golfer, Nick Dougherty.

    The connections must be endless.

33. Hazel Mae: United States/Canada

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    This sportscaster is surrounded by sports, as she is also the wife of former first baseman Kevin Barker.

    She was the former lead anchor for the New England Sports Network's SportsDesk news program and Sportsnetnews.

    They liked what they saw and promoted her to anchor on MLB Network.

    She's on her way.

32. Laura Esposto: Italy

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    This presenter has worked on Sky Sport (Italy) and for Five in the United Kingdom for Serie A games during the 2007-2008 season.

    As if the aggressive stands needed anything else to chant about.

31. Jillian Reynolds (formerly Barberie): United States

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    The weather forecasts may be the most mundane element of the news, whether it's a result of the personalities or the lack of excitement, but this sexy sportscaster makes it worth watching.

    Barberie works for Fox Sports as the weatherperson on Fox NFL Sunday.

    The game can surely wait.

30. Alex Hammond: England

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    Another beautiful member of the Sky Sports club.

    She may have nerves before she interviewed Roger Federer, Sir Alex Ferguson, Frankie Dettori, Pat Eddery and Sir Bobby Robson, but Hammond wasn't the one in shock when it was over. 

    Each athlete was star struck.

29. Adriana Monsalve: Venezuela

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    This sexy reporter first gained fame as a singer in the girl band "Chikas," and it only increased after that.

    She somehow found a niche in sports journalism and became an anchor for ESPN Deportes.

    Understanding the language is unnecessary.

28. Lisa Guerrero: United States

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    Not only was she called the "hardest working sports reporter" by the Los Angeles Times, but was named one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in America by The Hispanic Business Journal.

    It's not as if she really has to work hard with looks like this.

27. Sophie Blake: England

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    This English presenter works for Sky Sports, but is known more for her provocative photo shoots.

    She has appeared in Maxim and Nuts, as well as topless on Page Three.

26. Lindsay Soto: United States

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    While she works for the NFL Network, joining in 2008, as an anchor on NFL Total Access, a reporter for NFL Network Now and a field and in-studio reporter for NFL GameDay Morning, it's Soto's hidden beauty that grabs for our attention.

    And the obtuse face she's making.

25. Mandira Bedi: India

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    It's not surprising to find out that this Indian model has appeared in Femina, Maxim India, Prevention, GoodHousekeeping, Marie claire and Cosmopolita, but it is alarming as to why the United States hasn't been properly introduced. 

    While Americans may not understand Cricket, they are attracted to the faces covering the sport.

24. Georgie Thompson: England

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    This English broadcast journalist and presenter for Sky Sports News is known more for her beauty than her journalistic talents.

    In the May 2007 issue of FHM, Thompson was voted the No. 93 Sexiest Female in the World. On their website she is ranked at No. 52.

    The classy look fits her.

23. Kristen Berset: United States

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    The former Miss USA pageant participant is known for her work as the Shore Reporter for the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series TV Show (PTTS) on Sun Sports and her role as sports anchor for Fox 45 in Baltimore.

    However, she is most known for winning the Miss Florida USA 2004 titles and representing Florida at the Miss USA 2004 pageant.

    Fans will never get tired of listening to her.

22. Mieke Buchan: Australia

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    An Australian radio and television presenter, Buchan has covered a plethora of events, seemingly never rejecting any opportunity.

    She's reported on the Olympic Games, the US and French Open, the Super Bowl, Formula One, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, the Aussie Millions and the ARIA Music Awards.

    Most fans could care less.

21. Shana Hiatt: United States

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    It's been said that gambling is addictive.

    Before joining the World Poker Tour, Hiatt wasn't known for her quickness with cards. Now she is an online player who makes the routine trips to the casinos.

    If it's not clear already, she is a model who is known as much for her photo shoots as her reporting.

    Hiatt was Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 1995, which led to her posing nude for Playboy in their April 1995 The Girls of Hawaiian Tropic issue.

20. Ines Sainz: Mexico

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    While Sainz may be a journalist for Azteca Deportes, often working as a boxing match hostess, Sainz is known in the United States for her role in the Jets Locker Room fiasco.

    She complained of harassing comments and superfluous peering, but it wasn't as if she didn't dress for the occasion.

    Seems this isn't the first time she flaunted her style.

19. Jill Arrington: United States

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    Previously a sideline reporter for ESPN's college football coverage during the 2004 season, the daughter of former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Rick Arrington is now a sportscaster with Fox Sports.

    Her beauty is far from neglected, as she was voted the sexiest sportscaster by Playboy in 2001, ranked No. 48 on Maxim's Hot 100 Women of 2002 and No. 70 on FHM's 100 Sexiest Women of 2003.

    That's about it.

18. Heidi Watney: United States

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    The Boston Red Sox on-field reporter for NESN once used her talents as a sports talk radio host for 1430 ESPN Radio KFIG Fresno, but she realized that her beauty needed to be shared with the world.

    Watney was the first runner-up in the 2002 Miss California pageant and was seemingly immediately spotted.

    In 2008, she became the host for The Ultimate Red Sox Show, replacing the stellar Hazel Mae. 

    Nice switch.

17. Lekha Washington: India

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    This Indian model and actress has worked as the anchor of a sports show during the Indian Premier League season, covering the sport of cricket and gaining fans in the process.

    With her looks, she can't possibly fail.

    Understanding the language is unnecessary.

16. Erin Andrews: United States

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    It's somewhat ironic that Andrews was voted "America's Sexiest Sportscaster" by Playboy magazine considering the lack of provocative pictures floating around the Internet.

    While she will host ESPN's College Gameday and be a Good Morning America correspondent, the most future excitement comes from the modeling potential.

    Perhaps she lost her confidence when she was struck on the chin by an Alex Cora foul ball in 2009.

    Arguably the most revered female sportscaster.

15. Lindsay Czarniak: United States

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    Once a pit reporter for TNT's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series coverage, Czarniak will be joining ESPN as an anchor, making it clear she's here to stay.

    Serving as a host and reporter for NBC Sports coverage of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics opened up plenty of eyes to her potential.

    She can certainly conquer any field.

14. Molly Sullivan: United States

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    Having former athletes work the sidelines can only benefit a sports network. The camaraderie is unmatched.

    A former nationally-ranked distance swimmer and ACC Champion for UNC, Sullivan has been seen as a sideline reporter the Mountain West Sports Network.

    A diamond in the rough.

13. Leann Tweeden: United States

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    It seems as if the producers really uncovered gold by choosing a Hooter's girl as correspondent. 

    Doing work for Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period from 2000 to 2007 and Poker After Dark has gotten her high acclaim from around the sports world.

    Tweeden was named among "The Top Hooters Girls of all time" at the Hooters' 25th anniversary in 2008.

    Nice combination.

12. Ashley Russell: United States

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    Russell is quickly working her way into the upper echelon of beautiful sportscasters.

    The former President and owner of AMAX, she is now an online sports reporter for Yahoo! Sports and Rivals.com.

    She evidently knows how to combine entertainment and news perfectly.

11. Charissa Thompson: United States

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    This ESPN sportscaster seems to be on the verge of a prosperous modeling career.

    She's got the toughness, breaking her foot and her ankle in a step aerobics class in 2009, and missing most of the 2009 NFL and college football following surgery.

    A true warrior.

10. Jenn Brown: United States

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    This beautiful American television personality works for ESPN, but models for the world.

    She reports for College GameDay and College Gameday, and co-hosts ESPNU's Road Trip.

    She definitely knows her sports, shown by her willingness to host the College Baseball World Series, the ESPYs and the X-Games, Jenn Brown uses her looks to her advantage. 

    Seeing her at the World Series of Poker surely livened that crowd.

9. Kirsty Gallacher: Scotland

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    The daughter of former Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher, the Scottish Gallagher graduated from the Sky Sports presenter program.

    Sky Sports has always produced the best of beautiful reporters and Gallacher only further backs their reputation.

    She has been a cover girl for Maxim and FHM.


8. Molly Qerim: United States

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    This sexy anchor for The CBS Sports Network is even more attractive because of her affinity for fantasy sports. 

    Qerim served as the breaking news reporter for Fantasy Football Now on ESPN 2. She was even honored with an Emmy for her contributions.

    And undoubtedly for her beauty.

7. Carrie Milbank: United States

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    Texans cheerleaders are known to be among the best in the league, but as a former Houston cheerleader, Milbank towered over her peers in beauty.

    During her tenure as a cheer girl, Milbank became a correspondent for FOX's NFL Under the Helmet.

    She is currently the host of The Hockey Show on the NHL network.

    As if hockey needed any more excitement.

6. Jenn Sterger: United States

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    The Jets have seen their players get involved with more than one beautiful sideline presence, and this former FSU Cowgirl is no exception.

    But all that is behind her as she is now focusing on her career, which even includes writing for us!

5. Mirella Grisales: Colombia

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    This Colombian presenter makes fans want to start playing soccer, immediately.

    In every aspect of the game, these footballers seem to have it good.

    Let the picture do the talking.

4. Sara Carbonero: Spain

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    She may have been voted "sexiest reporter in the world" by FHM, but this Spanish presenter is known around the world for being the sportscaster who kissed her boyfriend, goalkeeper Iker Casillas, following the 2010 World Cup.

    He may be a goalkeeper, but that was a brilliant score.

3. Melanie Collins: United States

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    While Collins has hosted and reported for NBA-TV, the Big Ten Network, E! News Now, Nascar.com and PGA.com, she is gaining attention for her beauty and swagger.

    It seems the producers are finally understanding that the weather needs a sexy aspect to it, as she has worked for Accuweather as well.

    She is exactly what fans want from Erin Andrews.

2. Lisa Dergan: United States

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    Scrappy outfielder Scott Podsednik is a lucky man.

    Playboy's Playmate of the Month in July 1998 found a career beyond modeling, getting a break in sportscasting in 2002 with Fox Sports Net.

    She has interviewed Tiger Woods, John Elway and Chuck Liddell, and has reported from the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the U.S. Open golf tournament.

    Her husband might not be famous enough for an interview.

1. Charlotte Jackson: England

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    While the United States has Erin Andrews, Britain has this sexy journalist and presenter.

    Once a lacrosse and tennis player for Hampshire, Jackson now works for Sky Sports News.

1. Charlotte Jackson: England (Cont'd)

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    Little known fact in the states, Ms. Jackson is known across the pond as 'Action' Jackson.

    Here she is walking away without saying goodbye...