Now What for the Seattle Seahawks?

Aaron LinkemyerContributor INovember 17, 2008

The Seahawks did have a winning record. They were 2-1 against NFC West opponents before Sunday afternoon. Now, the day after, the Seahawks' last chance at optimism is long gone. Seattle is now 2-8 and gave Arizona a chance to clinch the NFC West next Sunday.

Since 1999, Mike Holmgren is 84-70 with the Seahawks. He has led them to six playoff appearances, four NFC West titles, and a trip to the Super Bowl. In his last year in Seattle, the Seahawks are off to their worst start since 1992.

How disappointing for a Seahawks fan. The last year with a Hall of Fame coach, and we get nothing out of it.

Yes, it is unfortunate that we have had a lot of serious injuries and haven't started with a healthy roster. The fact is, even with a healthy roster, teams have figured out our offense. Not only that, the defense is so small that teams would still be able to make big plays against them, especially with the pass.

It is absolutely embarrassing when opposing teams can average 265 yards of passing offense alone per game. Maybe it is because Kelly Jennings, Josh Wilson, and Marcus Trufant are all under six feet tall and are easy to beat in a toss-up against any starting receiver.

For every pass, there is a run play. The Seahawks only have 1,083 yards in 257 rushing attempts. Every time we couldn't complete to one of our receivers, we ran the ball, even if it was a third and long situation.

The Seahawks have thrown for 10 interceptions on the season and average only 145 yards of passing a game. When Matt Hasselbeck has started this season, he has thrown seven of the 10 interceptions and has completed only 75 of 147.

This is mainly because of the lack of targets, and with the lack of targets, there comes a lot of pressure on a single receiver, which helps to make the offense even more predictable than it already is.

I think the question now is, what's next?  During the offseason, the Seahawks should consider letting Julian Peterson go for more cap room and have Leroy Hill step up. Then maybe dismiss Deion Branch and try to acquire Anquan Boldin, who is looking for a change next season. Don't forget about the possibility of a great draft position. 

With Mora becoming head coach next season, we can look forward to more aggressive defensive play calling, and hopefully we will be able to pick up some serious talent in our secondary for him to work with.