Tony Parker Is a Top Three Point Guard

Claudio 21Contributor INovember 17, 2008

When people think of the point guard position in the NBA, they think of the popular ones - the Nash's, Paul's, Deron's, and Baron's. But one thing all four of those player have in common is that none of them have what Tony Parker has—three titles.

The overlooking of Tony Parker over the years as an elite NBA PG might be one of the most egregious of any player this decade.

How is it that Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups, and Baron Davis get mentioned ahead of TP? For one, three of those four players, Parker has beaten on his way to a title consistently.

As for Baron Davis, if your argument is that TP is not a disher, then what is Baron? He barely averages one assist more in his career per game and he isn't even a better scorer than Parker who's also much more durable.

Since the double-nickel and 10 assist game he put down on the "baby wolves" the other night, I immediately flash-backed to the 2008 Western Conference playoff coverage on TNT during the Spurs-Hornets series.

Charles and Kenny were speaking about the emergence of point guards like Deron and Paul and mentioned six other point guards before they mentioned Parker. I was like: "What the hell does this guy have to do to be mentioned among the best?" He's only 26 years old and has three titles already and has been an integral part of each of them.

I understand anyone saying that Deron and Paul are better than TP. That's not even an argument because they are better all-around players.

But, two to three years ago, when Paul and Deron were out at Illinois and Wake, Parker was the best PG in basketball. Not Steve Nash or Kidd—both were still great players, Nash more than Kidd—but Tony Parker has absolutely shredded Nash in the playoffs and  led his team in scoring to victory in all three playoff series between the teams. In the 2003 NBA Finals, Parker did the same to Jason Kidd in the six game series.

Flash to now: all the players mentioned may play in bigger media markets and are in the spotlight more often, but that shouldn't be a factor in ranking the best PG's in basketball.

In addition, the Spurs aren't the most loved franchise in basketball and many seem to diminish the accomplishments of Parker because he has Duncan. Like Paul doesn't have West, Nash have Amare and Shaq, or Deron has Boozer.

In the end, if it comes down to leading your team to titles, TP is the best point guard in basketball. If it comes down to assists per game, he's not even better than Ramon Sessions.

But as an overall package, there are only two players on both the offensive and defensive end that are better than him and that's Paul and Deron.

But if you think you can argue anyone after those two being better than a 26 year-old, three ring, could score 50 points if he wants point-guard, you're argument's as weak as the Nuggets defense.