F1 News: Renault Presents the R28

Francois GendronSenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2008

Renault’s goal for 2008 is clear: win races and score podiums.  A noble objective, but maybe a little optimistic.  Even with McLaren's disqualification, Renault only finished third among the constructors last year.

In order to win races and score podiums, the Renault cars will have to step in front of McLaren, Ferrari, and BMW-Sauber.  Not an easy task.

As for the car itself, there are only a few aerodynamic evolutions in comparison to their 2007 race car.  The team will keep the same colors, a dominant yellow and orange on a white base.

As for the pilots, we note Fernando Alonso’s return to the team after two seasons spent with McLaren.  Nelson Piquet, Jr. will participate in his first full season on the F1 circuit after a full year as the third pilot of the team.  Romain Grosjean is the new third pilot for the team.

Flovio Briattore's objectives might be a little optimistic.  Yes, double world champion Alonso is back within the team, but without any serious modifications to the car it becomes virtually impossible for the team to finish in front of the McLarens, the Ferraris, or even the BMWs on a regular basis.

With four teams hankering for wins and podium finishes in 2008, we are in for an exciting season.  Unfortunately, it’s more than possible that Renault will end up underachieving.