They Got It Right! Albert Pujols Convincingly Wins Second N.L. MVP Award

Peter FleischerSenior Writer INovember 17, 2008

It's actually understandable that Albert Pujols would have been frustrated about the 2008 season.

After all, his team finished 10 games over .500, only to finish fourth in the N.L. Central. Albert, always the team player, had to watch the playoffs from his couch for the second consecutive year.

But El Hombre's personal numbers were nothing to be ashamed of. Although he didn't get the chance to help his team in October like some of the other MVP candidates, Albert finished second in the MLB in batting average and OBP, first in slugging percentage and OPS, third in walks, and in the top 10 in HR and RBI.

Doubts of Albert being snubbed for his second MVP award were erased on Monday, as Pujols took home the award in convincing fashion. Albert received 18 of 32 first-place votes, edging out Ryan Howard, Ryan Braun, and Manny Ramirez, all of whom made the playoffs with their teams.

Pujols was definitely the right man for this honor. Not only is he (in my slighted opinion), the best hitter in baseball, he's also extremely disciplined, with only 54 strikeouts compared to 116 walks. Albert is also incredible defensively, and definitely should have taken home the Gold Glove at first base this year as well.

I'm so glad that the media and baseball got this right. In an era where we have tied All-Star Games, delayed World Series matchups, and guys getting MVP awards that played barely two months on their teams, Albert is a rock of consistency and talent that we are lucky to be watching.