WWE: The CM Punk Storyline Takes Another Unexpected Turn on RAW

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 30, 2011

This storyline, like I have stated many times before, has been unpredictable and entertaining. More drama has ensued and now a match everyone thought would happen, C.M Punk vs. Kevin Nash, switched from on to off in one night.

Now, the match that everyone will see at Night Of Champions will feature C.M vs. Triple H. In the eyes of many people this match is better than what was expected because Kevin Nash's abilities are not only in question, but people have been questioning his spot in the storyline in the first place.

How so?

When he first appeared, no one expected it. It was huge and millions of questions were being asked. As it progressed, he seemed to be very flat on every appearance and at times could be considered boring. Because of that, it started to beckon the question of "How would he do in a full match with Punk?"

According to rumors in the some wrestling websites, there appeared to be something wrong in the process of Kevin Nash passing his physical. It has not been clear as to what exactly, but the doctor and WWE both feel because of it a match right now is not possible.

In the eyes of fans that could be heavy proof that a match between the two would not have been a good thing and would kill the momentum between the two. It also makes sense for Triple H to go at him because C.M Punk has done nothing but throw insult after insult at him, and poured salt on the wounds while he did it. This only carries the momentum of the two.

Kevin Nash will still be part of the angle all the way, but a match is out of the question at the moment. Maybe he will be a factor at the pay-per-view match and if he is, will either continue the storyline the way it is, or possibly change the direction it is heading?

That topic will be discussed in another article.

As for right now, Super Smackdown will further the storyline and clear up any questions rising from RAW. Its unpredictability and entertainment has grabbed the attention of almost all the fans and IWC alike. Where it will head after Smackdown is something they will be waiting for.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone enjoyed. Let me know what your thoughts are on the article, how I did, and what you think is in store for this storyline! Check out my other articles and comment on those as well! I appreciate all the feedback I can get.