WWE Climbs Down Over UFC Attack

Martin BentleyCorrespondent INovember 17, 2008

You may recall that last night, WWE posted an article on their website congratulating Brock Lesnar on winning the UFC Heavyweight Title, but then went on to attack the UFC over their short matches, reliance on the undercard and therefore less value for money.

Since then, WWE have been heavily criticised over the publication of the article, which also seemed to suggest they were taking credit for Lesnar's success. Now as of 6:30pm UK time (1:30pm Eastern time), the article has been removed from WWE.com.

You have to wonder if the decision to remove the article was taken by Joey Styles, who might not have authorised the article being published, or if Styles agreed to it, and someone above him ordered it to be taken down. Either way, it's good of WWE to recognise the bother they've caused by posting that article, and that everyone can move on from it.

The offending piece of literature is available in my previous article below.