5 Steps the Chicago Bulls Can Take to Improve off Last Year's Success

Steven ElonichCorrespondent IAugust 30, 2011

5 Steps the Chicago Bulls Can Take to Improve off Last Year's Success

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    The Chicago Bulls took a huge step forward before their disappointing series against Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals.

    They improved all around the board from years before which gave them the top regular season record in basketball. However, in order to be truly remembered, you must win championships and the Bulls didn't have that in them last season.

    These are five things the Bulls can do to improve for the 2011-2012 season...assuming we have one.

Derrick Rose Improves His Three-Point Shot

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    Derrick Rose shot 33 percent from down town last year, which was definitely an improvement from his rookie and sophomore seasons. This made defenders at least play a step closer to him.

    However, let's say Rose can take his deep jumper to the high thirties or even 40 percent. Defenders will have to choose between playing him close and running the risk of Rose driving right by them with the quickest first step in basketball, or playing off him to slow him down and hoping he doesn't just pull up from three.

    It's a deadly combination that the reigning MVP should utilize.

Chicago Adds Another Shooter

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    I don't hate Keith Bogans like I've seen many fans choose to do. He's a fantastic defender with lackluster offensive skills. I would love to have him as a bench player, but not a starter. The first shooting guard on the court should be the best shooter on the Bulls' side of the court, and Bogans doesn't fit that role.

    The options are open for the Windy City, and there have been plenty of articles on which shooter fits best. We'll just leave that one up to management, but a move definitely needs to be made.

Boozer Gets Tough or Gets out

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    Personally, I've never been a fan of the "going to shoot while trying to get fouled" mindset, but Carlos boozer apparently is.

    Every time Boozer gets the ball down low, it seems to end with a loose ball and a scream. Put the ball in the hoop, Boozer. Quit screaming every single time because the referees aren't that stupid. They realize it's a trend and you're probably getting fewer and fewer calls because of it.

    Unfortunately, offense is your strong point. Shawn Bradley could come in the league and play the same "D" as you.

    But, if you don't want to improve, then maybe the Bulls can move you in a deal that sends a decent power forward to Chicago to ride the bench while Taj Gibson starts.

Joakim Noah Continues to Take Strides on Offense

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    By no means is Joakim Noah an offensive player, but he's beginning to at least be a small threat. His monstrous boards give him a few easy put backs, and despite his completely terrible-looking shot, he finds a way to put a few free throws in. I

    f he can find some consistent post up moves, Noah can become on of the top big men in the East, if he's not already.

Pace Themselves

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    This is what the Heat did better than the Bulls. They saved the majority of their energy for the final five minutes to dominate Chicago, who was completely exhausted. The Bulls couldn't play a full 48 minute game with Miami and that led to their downfall.

    If Chicago can find a way to bring C.J. Watson in for Rose for even just two more minutes, possibly at the end of the third, the Bulls would be in better shape. Coach Tom Thibodeau, however, kept Rose in for the entire second half a few times in the playoffs, which can tear a player apart when he has to make the plays as often as the point guard has to.