Orlando Magic, Ballin From East 2 West

Matt Shea@isheax407Correspondent INovember 17, 2008

The Magic pulled into Charlotte, NC on Sunday with their eye on the prize. The Bobcats wanted to try to stop Dwight immediately, it didn't matter. Team play and hot shooting was the result of 32-73 [[43.8%]] shooting. Larry brown held the Magic under a hundred points, which he thought was a key, late down-the-stretch defense helped the Magic prevent the game from getting tied and ugly. Van Gundy had stated in the road loss to Memphis in the beginning of the season, that the Magic would not be able to win if they scored under a hundred points, fans and WITNESSES saw proof that the Magic CAN win with good shooting and stymie defense in the second half, outscoring their combined points from the first half as they trailed going into halftime [[w/ 38 Pts.]] and nearly doubled it, scoring 52 points in the second half. This lead to it becoming in the Magic's favoring. Dwight was in foul trouble the entire game and scored a season low 4 points, yet Rashard and Hedo answered the inside calling scoring a combined 38 points and going 10 of 11 at the charity stripe. A young and killer Dwight had 3 touches inside, making 0 of the 3 attempts, but hit 4 out of 6 of his FTs and having a silent contribution on the boards to be half of he and Tony Battie's combined rebounds as Battie stepped up and scored 9 points as well and the Magics 3 point threats caught fire in the 2nd half, leading to an emphatic 2nd straight close, yet important win over the hapless 'Cats. Go Magic!