Atlanta Braves: 5 Reasons They're a Better Wild Card Team Than the Yankees

Ross DurrenceCorrespondent IIAugust 30, 2011

Atlanta Braves: 5 Reasons They're a Better Wild Card Team Than the Yankees

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    As the season draws towards a close, it's clear that both the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees will advance to the postseason.

    The only question is, in which capacity will each team advance?

    If the season ended today, both East Coast juggernauts would be the Wild Card in their respective league, and not outside of the World Series discussion.

    Let's take a look at why the Atlanta Braves are the better Wild Card team than the Bronx Bombers.

Starting Pitching

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    With questions about the Yankees starting rotation abounding, it's clear the Braves have the best starting staff heading into the postseason.

    Atlanta has nearly a half run better starting ERA than the Yanks, and their young depth is eye popping.

    Brandon Beachy has stepped up with Tommy Hanson hurt, and Tim Hudson has pitched just about as well as he has any time in his career.

    Advantage Braves.


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    The New York Yankees' bullpen is pretty good, but the Braves' is better.

    Outpacing the Yanks relievers' ERA by tenth and a half, the Atlanta's backend pitchers have been completely dominant all year.

    The three-headed monster of Eric O'Flaherty, Jonny Venters, and Craig Kimbrel is better than any combination the Yankees have.

Pitching Dominance at Home

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    As the saying goes, teams need to play .500 ball on the road, and clean up at home.

    As far as pitching is concerned, the Braves fit that mantra.

    Inside Turner Field, the Braves' pitchers sport an incredible 2.89 ERA, while the Yanks' pitchers are nearly a full run higher in the (New) House that Ruth Built. (3.83 ERA)

    You have to take care of business in your own backyard if you want to take home the World Series.

Dan Uggla

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    When it comes to hot streaks, no one has been on a bigger one than the Braves' second baseman.

    Uggla has raised his average 59 points since July 4th, and is hitting an absurd .344 in August.

    The Yankees don't have a hitter nearly as hot as Uggla, though Curtis Granderson is in the midst of a career year. 

    Having a guy on a streak like Uggla's can be enough to take a team all the way to the World Series.

    Keep it up, Dan.

The Catcher Position

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    Let's compare the numbers.

    Behind the dish, the Braves have a slash line of .292/.365/.494 with 26 homers and 81 RBI.

    The Yanks?  Not quite as impressive with a line of .245/.326/.402 with 18 homers and 77 RBI.

    There's not too many offensive positions where Atlanta outpaces New York, but the catcher's position is one of them.

    With Brian McCann and David Ross handling the pitching staff, this could be the reason the Braves take home their first World Series title since 1995.