15 UFC Stars and Their Funniest Videos on YouTube That Every Fan Needs to Watch

Midhun NairCorrespondent IISeptember 6, 2011

15 UFC Stars and Their Funniest Videos on YouTube That Every Fan Needs to Watch

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    In a sport as serious as MMA, it's always good to take a step back from the austerity and intensity of the sport, and revel in the things that make us laugh, like the antics of the fighters in interviews and press conferences.

    The UFC plays host to some of the best personalities of this sport who have the ability to make fans laugh, whether it is intentional or not. 

    Some of those who make an appearance on this list are sure to surprise you as they aren't people you would expect to find in comedic roles. Others, will come as no surprise. Rampage Jackson and Jason Miller are renown for their trash-talking ability and humorous antics outside of the octagon.

    For this list, I have scoured the depths of YouTube trying to find videos that most fans won't have seen before. There are definitely a few videos here you won't have seen before. If you have seen all of them, then you clearly have too much time on your hands.

    So, without further ado, here are 15 UFC stars and their funniest videos on YouTube.

Wanderlei Silva

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    Your eyes do not deceive you. The title does read Wanderlei Silva and yes, the scariest man in MMA does know how to crack a joke.

    In 2009 as a high school senior, Conner Cordova used the medium of YouTube to ask the beautiful Arianny Celeste to go to prom with him. Somehow, he managed to get Arianny to say yes.

    In this video, we see Cordova ask Wanderlei Silva to translate a pick-up line into Portuguese. Wanderlei saw this as an opportunity to play a prank on the unsuspecting Cordova, and Wanderlei begins to laugh uncontrollably.

    This is a must-see video.

Wanderlei Silva

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    This is another must-see video of Wanderlei Silva, but this time Mark Coleman makes an appearance alongside him. 

Chuck Liddell

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    I don't know about you, but I found it cool to see Chuck Liddell take on comedy in this promo for the UFC.

    In December of 2010, Liddell announced his retirement from the sport. However, he did not leave the company. He took on the role of Vice Presidency of Business Development.

    UFC 129 was a card that Liddell helped to put together. This was a promo for the event. The promo sees Chuck Liddell playing the roles of Joe Silva and Dana White as he puts together a card for UFC 129.

Pat Barry

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    Here's a fighter you probably didn't expect to make an appearance on this list.

    The former kick-boxing star is relatively new to the sport of MMA, but he has made a big impression on the MMA community whilst he has been around.

    Barry is a man of many talents and dancing is one of his hidden talents. In this video he does an impression of "The Techno Viking" and his version is as good as the original.

Pat Barry and Cro-Cop

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    Pat Barry in an pre-fight press conference entertaining the media. As a bonus, you get to see Cro-Cop tell a few jokes too.

Jason Miller

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    Jason "Mayhem" Miller certainly lives up to his moniker and this entrance shows why.

    This fighter is one of the more eccentric and exciting personalities in MMA, and he has garnered a huge following because of it.

    Miller has fought in some of the biggest MMA promotions in the world: DREAM, WEC, Strikeforce and the UFC. Win or lose, Jason Miller will always find a way to entertain the fans.

    Mayhem is your typical classroom clown. From pranks, to just making funny faces in interviews, he has a personality that many have come to love and is very popular amongst fans.

    Mayhem is also about to expand his ventures into acting. He is set to star in a comedy film with Kevin James about a music teacher who moonlights as a MMA fighter to raise funds for the school's music department.

    I for one cannot wait to see Mayhem in the upcoming series of The Ultimate Fighter. If Jorge Rivera managed to get under the skin of Bisping with a few tame videos, I cannot wait to see how he reacts to a seasoned trash-talker and one of the funniest personalities in sports.

Rampage Jackson

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    Rampage has got some serious moves.

    The footage was shot in a suburban area in England, where Rampage trains alongside the likes of Michael Bisping and Rob Broughton.

    Here, Rampage shows us his exceptional skill in the art of pelvic thrusting.

Rampage Speaks French

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    Rampage is actually a fluent speaker in the lagnuage of French.

Georges St-Pierre

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    Many fighters go to the UFC Welterweight champion for advice. Rashad Evans is a notable example, and now Yoshihiro Akiyama is seeking St-Pierre's advice.

    However, it now seems that it's not just MMA fighters that are seeking his advice. Mascots have recruited St-Pierre for his advice on fighting. 

    In this video, St-Pierre demonstrates the superman-punch, a kimura, an armbar and various other techniques on a tiger and a wolf. Yes, you did read that right.

Ken Shamrock

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    The self-proclaimed "World's Most Dangerous Man" is not for his trash-talking, and this videos will show just just.

    Shamrock claims to do something that isn't possible on any level. He says that he will beat Ortiz into a living death. What does that even mean?

    Now, if it was any other person that had said this, everyone in the room would have broken out into fits of laughter. But because it was Ken Shamrock that said it, there was no reaction from the press, for fear that it could have very bad consequences for them.

    The uncomfortable silence was broken by Tito Ortiz who howled with laughter. Shamrock responds by kicking a chair into the air.

Bas Rutten

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    "El Guapo" is one of the most entertaining fighters on the planet, period.

    When he retired from MMA in 2006, Bas Rutten went on to enjoy a very successful career in film and television.

    His self-defense videos have gone on to help many people around the world and in this video, he instructs on how to handle yourself in various situations. For example, he shows you what to do if someone is annoying you or if you come home to see your wife having an affair.

Joe Rogan

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    Joe Rogan is a professional comedian, and after several other stints in television shows he decided to become a commentator for the UFC. He has a vast knowledge and understanding of the sport, and is a wizard when it comes to giving the play-by-play details of a fight.

    Here, Rogan gives play-by-play on a spillage of ice between a round. His exaggerated and witty commentary makes for an entertaining view.

Anderson Silva

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    You've probably never seen this side of Anderson Silva before. The side that we see most often is the one of Silva pounding in the faces of his adversaries with fancy strikes, and dominating his opponents with his elusiveness and enigmatic performances.

    Silva usually maintains a very respectful and calm persona in press conferences and interviews, so finding a video of him behind the scenes and being himself is a rare find.

    His recent Burger King commercial gives us further insight into the funnier side of Anderson Silva.

Urijah Faber

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    The face of the smaller guys in MMA has his own account on YouTube in which he regularly uploads videos of his exploits outside of the octagon. 

    Famous rappers and fellow fighters like Jon Jones and Joseph Benavidez have joined Urijah Faber in making videos for the fans.

    In this video, Faber gives Jung Chan-Sung a lesson in English.

Rashad Evans

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    Rashad Evans' cocky demeanor hasn't made him a popular fighter amongst some fans, but that is probably because they haven't seen him for who he really is.

    Evans is a true showman who possesses the ability to entertain and make people laugh. It's a shame a lot of people hasn't seen this side.

    Rashad knows how to tell a joke and this video shows him imitating Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson and his own mom at a Q & A session

Randy Couture

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    The legend, Randy Couture having a bit of fun at Bas Rutten's expense here. You see Bas made the mistake of calling Couture an old man. The retort being a takedown and a spanking from "The Natural".

    Since retiring earlier this year, Couture is making a name for himself in Hollywood, having starred in "The Expendables." He is set to star in more films to be released later this year, including a documentary about the late Evan Tanner's life.

    It's videos like this that make me miss Pride FC.

Mirko Cro-Cop

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    Whilst fighting for Pride FC in Japan, Mirko Cro-Cop became one of the most marketable fighters in the world and made appearances in several commercials. 

    In this commercial, Cro-Cop puts on the same stoic and cold expression that he maintains in interviews, and fights to produce a commercial that is sure to make you laugh.

Mike Goldberg

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    "His precision is really precise."

    "Diaz smells the opening."

    "Tito taking a book out of Chuck's chapter there."

    Yes, these words did come of Mike Goldberg's mouth during live broadcasts of which millions of people were watching. Let's just say he makes the occasional slip-up.

    Mike Goldberg is definitely one of the funniest commentators I've heard in a while. UFC fights just would not be the same without his iconic word of "it's all over" when a fight comes to an end.