Cowboys-Redskins: A Dallas Fan Blogs the Game

Brittany BakerContributor INovember 16, 2008

Here I am, watching the Cowboys game. It's still the first quarter, and I've already bitten all the nails on my left hand down to the skin. It's almost painful to type.

I'm so nervous. It's the understatement of the century to say that this game is a "must-win" for the Dallas team. If they lose, I'll never (as a Cowboys fan with a big mouth...) live it down.

Andrea Kramer talked to Romo before the game and made it clear that his pinkie is fragile. "He cannot take a hit on it." she said directly into the camera—directly to me. I actually gulped when she said it. Please don't let those mean old Redskins hit Tony, we'll never make the playoffs without him!

I'm an absolute wreck. I almost can't enjoy my chicken wings! This Cowboys team deserves to make it to the playoffs. This game is the ultimate test, not for just Romo—but for everyone.

Ask any Dallas fan: Everything is riding on this season for the Cowboys, but so far I'm already disappointed.

The First Drive

Cowboys offense went three and out. On third down, a toss to Marion Barber on a sweep. No first down. Barber was—to say the least—stuffed.

If Marion can't get it done in the first quarter, he's not going to produce at the end of the game. There's no Felix Jones tonight, and for some reason, Jason Garrett prefers to keep Barber as the ONLY running back to carry the ball or even play all game.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Include Tashard Choice! Even if you don't think he's ready to take regular carries, just put him in every now and then to change it up a little bit and to give Barber a break.

Barber hasn't been able to tote the rock alone. He can't win a game on his own.

The Second Quarter

It's a good thing I'm not writing with a pencil. By now, it would be chewed down to the size of a matchstick. So much is riding on this game for me! I wanted the Cowboys to win last year, and a literal slip-up on one play lost it for them. But I digress.

Calm down everybody, I haven't "anointed" them. I'm just a fan. Well, more than just a fan. Sigh. I'm sure everyone out there understands.

WHOA! What did I just hear? Tashard's in! He got the ball! Six yards! Jason Garrett, if you've actually been listening to what I've been saying, give Jason Witten my phone number...

"But soft!  What light does yonder pinkie break?"

Interception No. 2.  The first interception was all Tony's fault.  The second one wasn't just him—T.O. should have made the catch there. It's pretty evident that Tony is not 100 percent.

Disappointment. We can't lose this game. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's not easy...

Still the Second Quarter...

I can't pretend to understand defensive strategy fully. I've never played football before and, I admit it—I let the "coach" or "Madden" pick my plays when it's time for me to play defense on my X-box.

All I know is, DeMarcus Ware knows how to come through in the clutch! Man, I love a DeMarcus Ware sack on the quarterback!

Roy, Oh Roy

Roy Williams has made some key catches in this series. I'll admit, I didn't think another big time wide receiver was the first priority for the Cowboys when they got him—but I guess Jerry Jones knows what he's doing. It was a pretty crappy throw, too, but this guy's got baseball gloves for hands.  "Puttin' on the Mitts?"

Dust Off the Ol' Chemistry Set!

Jason Witten, perfect catch up the field! Terrell Owens, getting yards after the catch!  Marion Barber trucks it in for the touchdown! Three plays and I'm grinning like an idiot...Are we back?

Let's just stick to what we're good at, shall we?

10 - 7. More to come on Part II, thanks for reading!!