UFC 134: Anderson Silva Proved There Is Nothing Left for Him at Middleweight

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IIAugust 29, 2011

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

At UFC 134 in Rio De Janeiro, Anderson Silva showed once again that he's on another level than any fighter at 185 pounds.

He dismantled his opponent Yushin Okami, who appeared unworthy of even being in the ring with the champion Silva.

Silva's striking is brilliant, and it was on full display Saturday night. Silva mixes up combinations well, and is capable of landing one-punch knockouts. He is pinpoint accurate, and very rarely wastes any strikes.

On the ground he is vastly underrated. He manages to beat anybody he fights on the ground, and has good submission ability. 

Chael Sonnen was able to hold down Silva for the majority of five rounds, but was submitted in the last 30 seconds of the fight. Apparently Silva had a broken rib for that one, which would explain his poor performance.

I personally don't give that any credit though. I believe that if a fighter steps into the ring, he should accept whatever outcome results. He was healthy enough to still pull off the victory though.

The Sonnen fight proved significant, in that it exemplified Silva's resiliency. The fact that he was able to win a fight after being beaten up for so long really showed that he is a true champion.

Other than Chael Sonnen, no fighter has seemed to have even the slightest chance of winning.

It's clear that middleweight has nothing left to offer to the MMA legend. A fight at any other division would prove to be more intriguing than another one-sider middleweight beat down.

The UFC keeps saying that Silva will get a bigger fight after his middleweight title fights; the time is now.

Anderson Silva is big enough to move up to light heavyweight and still be among the tallest and largest in the division. When he isn't fighting he walks around above 220 pounds.

The middleweight division is stagnant and has nothing to offer its remarkable champion. It's time for The Spider to make his run at another division title.