Jimmie Johnson Gets Tied to NASCAR History!!!!

Dave GainerCorrespondent INovember 16, 2008

Good Evening, NASCAR fans. History has been tied and made on this 16th day of November.

Chad Knaus is the first Crew Chief ever to win three titles in a row. Congrats, Chad; great work.

The man of the hour, Jimmie Johnson, wins his third title. That's right folks, back to back to back. A feat that may not be achieved again for another 30 years.

Mr. Hendrick has eight titles under his belt. Wow, that's impressive.

Look out, New York, here we come, again!

This was a great race after the sun went down. Carl stretched the fuel again to get the big win.

Regardless of what Carl says about his Ford, he knows how to save fuel better then his teammates. What a great run he had.

Tony Stewart was extremely emotional before and after the race, since it's his last with the Gibbs family, a great team.  A great driver moving on to his own team.

That emotion shows Tony has grown and matured from the old hothead days. Best of luck Tony with your new endeavor.

Jeff Gordon showed that he is ready to assume his winning ways after a rough year. He will be motivated in 2009 to turn things around.

Jr. had a difficult night, and I'm thinking that he and Tony Eury may not be together next season.

Steve Latarte also may not be with Jeff next season.  Maybe they will switch or they both move on.

As a fan of the 48 this was a great season for me.  But there are always many other stories that took place that made this a great season.

This is why I love this sport.  Professionals working hard together presenting a product that respects family values. A sport that reaches out to the less fortunate.

A sport filled with the drama of competition, all the heartache, disappointment, victory and the glory. I'm looking forward to the 2009 season, folks.

Thanks for all your input.  See you at Daytona.

Woooohoooo, yeah baby. Go team 48!  Let's go for four!!!