WWE: How the Kevin Nash Storyline Could Get Stale Quickly

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 29, 2011

The storyline that is currently taking over wresting is surly a keeper: Who sent Kevin Nash the text to attack C.M Punk?

It is a simple question that will probably lead to a lot of twists and turns. It sounds promising and has not made a mistake thus far.

WWE needs to continue that. 

WWE cannot afford for the fans to lose interest in this storyline because it is the one that will help battle Monday Night Football through the fall. It means a lot to the WWE to keep it interesting. This could lead into the staleness as well.

WWE cannot make the mistake of assuming that, since C.M Punk is in the storyline, the fans will believe anything they throw out to them. Yes, C.M Punk is popular, hot and selling like crazy for WWE, but that does not mean the fans or the IWC will buy just anything that happens in the storyline.

It has to make sense in a logical way and not some some weird "Yeah, that kind of made sense" storyline. For example, it would be be a good idea that it turns out R-Truth might have been behind it all. He has a chip on his shoulder, he wants the spotlight and has The Miz as support—it makes sense.

It would quickly crumble if the reason behind it was "I was tired of all the little Jimmy's and now it's R-truth time."

The End.

WWE needs to take their time and construct this carefully. Everyone knows Stephanie McMahon will be behind it somehow, and it makes sense to think this. However, by the same token, WWE needs to know how to be patience with this and to not reveal so much at a time every week.

WWE does plan for this to happen throughout the fall, and that means for the next couple of months at the very least. WWE needs to reveal little by little every week, and just when it seems like people are losing interest because of how little the fans and IWC knows, hit them with something huge.

A lot of opinions and ideas about who is behind all of it will change in the coming weeks and the weeks after that. Right now, it appears that John Laurinaitis may have a big role in all of it since he sent Triple H away from the arena with the main event of John vs. C.M Punk.

Whoever is involved and however this ends, WWE needs to know that all the interest in all of this can quickly fade and go away if they take this in the wrong direction, make the reason behind it not so great or mess up how it can end.

I wrote an article for WWE to tread lightly going into the next couple of months. The same thing applies here on a much larger scale because of the magnitude of how much it means to WWE right now.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone enjoyed and please let me know your thoughts o the article, on the situation, and how I did on it. Please check out my other articles and comment on those as well. I appreciate all the feedback I can get. Out!