BCS Bowl Game Predictions 11/16

Suicide Jack MilliganContributor INovember 16, 2008

BCS Bowl Predictions as of 11/16/08

My updated Predictions can be read here http://bleacherreport.com/articles/85864-bcs-bowl-game-predictions

Here are my predictions as to who will be playing in each of the BCS bowl games along with explanations as to why they wound up that way. I have provided a little commentary to justify my decisions following my predictions.


Order of picks in 2008

1.     1. Bowl that lost #1

2.     2. Bowl that lost #2

3.     3. Fiesta

4.     4. Sugar

5.     5. Orange



Rose Bowl gets Pac-10 and Big 10 Champs

-       Oregon St.

-       Penn St.


Fiesta Bowl gets Big 12 Champ

-       Lost Texas Tech to the title game so picks Texas (1st pick)

-       Picks USC (3rd pick)


Sugar Bowl gets SEC Champ

-       Lost Alabama so picks Florida (2nd pick)

-       Picks Utah (4th pick)


Orange Bowl gets the ACC Champ

-       Maryland (ACC Champ)

-       Cincinnati (Big East Champ) (5th and last pick)


And the 2008 Orange Bowl Championship game

-       Alabama

-       Texas Tech


Left Out

-       Ohio St.

-       Oklahoma

-       Boise St.

-       Georgia

-       Oklahoma St.

Some could make an argument for the teams that were left out, and most of it will come from Ohio State who will be denied their divine right to get beat in a BCS Bowl, but if the Buckeyes are not picked, it will be the best decision the BCS bowls can make. 

Hopefully, it will make Jim Delany mad enough to do something about the automatic representation of the Big East and the ACC. Not even Jermaine Lewis will tune in to watch Maryland and Cincinnati crap the bed against each other.

Oklahoma probably deserves to be a BCS Bowl more than any other team left out in the cold, but they fall victim to the BCS Conference two-team limit rule. Boise State would have an argument that they should be included, but when their best win of the season came in a five-point victory over #24 Oregon, its hard to argue their case.

Even worse, if Oregon loses in their final game at Oregon State, which is likely, then Oregon will likely drop out of the top 25 and the Broncos will be undefeated, but without a win over a ranked team.

My predictions will only change if Oregon State loses in the next two weeks, dropping them out of a Pac-10 Championship and out of the Rose Bowl opening up one more spot for the divine heir, Ohio State, to fulfill their role and lose in the Fiesta or Sugar Bowl.

If Utah loses its final game against BYU, then Boise State will automatically claim their spot. In this scenario the big loser is the Mountain West conference by losing a team representative from a BCS game and a potential $8.75 million payout (half of the predicted $17.5M to be split).

The teams I have picked to represent the SEC and the Big 12 may change due to the final games of the season and the conference championship games, but the bowls featuring Alabama and Florida will likely be filled by the top two SEC teams at the end of the season. The bowls featuring Texas and Texas Tech will be filled by the top two Big 12 teams at the end of the season.

What I have attempted is to read the minds of those making the decisions. These are not the games I would put together; rather, the games I predict will take place. My main resource was Yahoo! Sports (http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football) and the BCS propaganda home site (http://www.bcsfootball.org).