11-10 in the NFL = Impossible

T.J. MorrillCorrespondent INovember 16, 2008

I thought I was about to witness (on television of course) the first ever 11-10 NFL game ever!

The Chargers were ahead 10-8 and the Steelers were driving. After a holding call, the Steelers kicked a field goal to put themselves ahead of the Chargers 11-10.

The broadcast crew was excited as there has never been an 11-10 final score in NFL history (except in pre-season), it was going to be a historic day, not only did Philly and Cincy tie, but there was going to be an 11-10 game.

The Chargers have time to run a few laterals to try to get themselves downfield. Troy Polumalu picks one off and takes it to the end zone. Say goodbye to that 11-10 score. I guess that's just the most impossible sports score in the world: 11-10 in the NFL.

Will we ever see one? I'll laugh if it happens in my lifetime, or next week. Wait, no the NFL is taking the touchdown away? 

That makes no sense. Why? Just because you want an 11-10 game in your record books? Or do you really think that an offensive penalty should take away Polumalu's touchdown? That takes away from the integrity of an NFL game and decisions like that should not be tolerated by the officials union or the NFL.