Dabo: What We Have Seen From Him?

Matt ElmoreContributor INovember 16, 2008

In his first four games what have we seen from Dabo, has he earned his bid at the job?

Dabo has done just about as well as many people have anticipated, but there are those out there who anticipated more, and now are sold out on this season, and on Dabo. I have heard the comments on how his offense is no different than Tommy's, and how he still throws the bubble screen.

Well the difference is that he doesn't run it every play, maybe just once or twice a quarter. Plus, they are called at the right times. I have seen more scores on screens to Spiller, and Kelly, than any other play.

Dabo got this job in the middle of the season. You can’t throw out the playbook at that time, you have to try to take what you have and work with it. I think he has done a great job of doing so.

If Dabo was to be named the head coach people may be mad and ask what would change?

Well, Dabo has said he would run a more traditional style offense, more I-Formation, and a more developed O-Line. That’s how Clemson Football should be; A huge, dominating O-Line. With that style it would open up many other things, such as options, play action, and would be a run oriented game plan.

If Dabo is to win out beat Virginia, and a decent USC team, does he not deserve a legitimate shot at the job?