WWE Criticizes UFC PPVs

Martin BentleyCorrespondent INovember 16, 2008

WWE were oddly gracious in congratulating their former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar for winning the UFC Heavyweight Title last night at UFC 91, however, while looking deeper at the article regarding Lesnar's win, a bit of frustration is noticed.

The following appears halfway down the article:

Critics have noted that many of the fights on the UFC pay-per-view ended in the first round, leaving UFC producers scrambling to fill the three-hour event with content. The dearth of hearty competition left many viewers to watch less prestigious under-card fights and only served to bolster claims that UFC pay-per-view events can often be a "crap shoot" in regards to filling the full three hours.

That's the nature of legitimate sporting events, isn't it?

With WWE PPVs, the writers carefully time the length of the matches to guarantee nearly three hours of action. As for UFC, there is the chance that all five advertised main event matches will end in the first round, which is the reason the undercard is there to provide possible extra content.

In shows with a title match, such as last night's, nearly 90 minutes of fighting occurs if all fights go the distance, keeping in mind the entrances, breaks, and the announcement of the results.  WWE needs to understand that their shows are controlled to the smallest detail, and whatever happens in the ring and around the arena, is largely what's down on paper. In the UFC, it's up to the gods what happens there, and if they're required to fill a half hour before the main event, that's what they have to do. I think it's a bit low of WWE to call UFC on something that's a completely different nature to what they do.

They congratulated Brock Lesnar though, and who would have thought they'd do that after the way he left their company?