Giants-Ravens: New York Says "Nevermore"

Phil KohenCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2017

Best run defense has more yards run against it in first quarter of Sunday's game and the guy who got them was not seen the rest of the way. 

The NY Giants got off to a quick start against the Baltimore Ravens by scoring three touchdowns on it first three possessions. Brandon Jacobs, who's body is more like Dick Butkus and yet runs like Earl Campbell, had 70 yards in the first quarter alone!!! The Ravens average only 75 yards per game given up on the ground all season. JACOBS NEVERMORE.

He went to have his ankle re-taped during the second quarter and ran for only another three yards the rest of the way. Sideline reports seem to indicate that he did not have an injury of any kind. Of course, the ability of Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward provide a nice complement to Jacobs' running style (137 yards combined), but ride the horse that got you there.

Eli Manning had an okay day as he threw an interception and a touchdown for 153 yards. Combined with the running game, which today produced over 200 yards today will not always be that way, Eli must do better than a 50 percent completion rate. 

And yet the G-MEN are 9-1 and considered by most the BEST in the NFC. All facets of their game have come up big at some point. We have seen everything from safeties to help win a game (Pittsburgh) to blocked field goals, etc. Sacks have gone down over the past two weeks. They have only one sack in two games.

I am a BIG Giants fan. I couldn't watch (I did hear it though) the overtime field goal against Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game last year because of my love for the Giants.

But yet I still see areas that need improvement in order to host a Giants Superbowl Party in February.

Next week they pay a visit to the surprising Arizona Cardinals in the desert. Perhaps the warm weather will help Eli get hot again.