U.S. Open 2011: 50 Hottest Participants

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterAugust 30, 2011

U.S. Open 2011: 50 Hottest Participants

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    Everyone knows that tennis is one of the sexiest sports.

    Hot blondes in tiny skirts, shirtless men yelling at people and the sounds of grunting echoing through the courts are just a few examples of what makes tennis so hot. 

    Please don't freak out, there are only a couple of men on this list and most of them aren't shirtless!   It's important to take care of the literally tens of ladies who will read this. 

    In honor of the 2011 U.S. Open, I bring you the 49 of the hottest players in the tournament and two special surprises.  One of which you'll appreciate and one of which will probably weird you out.  

    Let's do this thing.

50. Yung-Jan Chan

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    Country: China

    WTA Rank:129

    Fun Fact: She lists Chinese food as one of her 'likes' and her favorite major is the U.S. Open. 

49. David Ferrer

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    Age: 29

    Country: Spain

    WTA Rank: 5

    Fun Fact: Ferrer has a number of fun nicknames including: The Wall, Le Grinder and The Rabbit.  You can find Le Grinder on Facebook

48. Sabine Lisicki

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    Age: 21

    Country: Germany

    WTA Rank: 23

    Fun Fact: The fact that there are no fun facts about Sabine Lisicki is kind of a fun fact.  Okay, it's not that fun. 

47. Vera Zvonareva

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    Age: 26

    Country: Russia

    WTA Rank: 2

    Fun Fact:Her favorite food is cake, her favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes and her favorite car is a BMW X3. 

46. Tsvetana Pironkova

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    Age: 23

    Country: Bulgaria

    WTA Rank: 51

    Fun Fact: Tsvetana enjoys Bulgarian music and television as well as canoeing, swimming and the movie Gladiator. 

45. Roger Federer

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    Age: 30

    Country: Switzerland

    WTA Rank: 3

    Fun Fact: Roger Federer lost his quarterfinal match at Wimbledon to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in front of an esteemed audience: Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Anna Wintour and Pippa Middleton were all on hand to witness his defeat.  

44. Isabella Holland

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    Age: 19

    Country: Australia

    WTA Rank: 216

    Fun Fact: Isabella Holland is relatively new to the professional circuit so there is nothing at all written about her, instead enjoy a fun fact about her native Australia!

    There are an estimated 40 million kangaroos in Australia, almost double the human population of 22 million. 

43. Michelle Larcher De Brito

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    Age: 18

    Country: Portugal

    WTA Rank: 181

    Fun Fact: She is known for her loud grunts while executing shots, being noted for surpassing in decibels the likes of Maria Sharapova, Monica Seles, Victoria Azarenka and Venus and Serena Williams, other famous "grunters".

    Another fun fact: British people who complain about grunting in tennis are douchebags.

42. Elena Vesnina

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    Age: 25

    Country: Russia

    WTA Rank: 43

    Fun Fact: Elena's favorite drink is cherry juice, her favorite actor is Al Pacino and her favorite colors are red, white and blue.  USA USA USA! 

    Oh, the Russian flag is also red, white and blue.  Lame. 

41. John McEnroe

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    Age: 52

    Country: United States of America

    WTA Rank: First in our hearts.  Officially though, he's retired. 

    Fun Fact: You cannot be serious. 

40. Johanna Larsson

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    Age: 23

    Country: Sweden

    WTA Rank: 60

    Fun Fact: If Johanna won the lottery, she would buy a Porsche.  A girl after my own heart, none of the "oh, I'd give it all to charity" nonsense.  She also enjoy curling and Kate Winslet.

39. Jie Zheng

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    Age: 28

    Country: China

    WTA Rank: 65

    Fun Fact: Like Yung-Jan Chan, Zheng Jie's favorite food is Chinese food.  Talk about towing the company line.

    Another fun fact?  Following the 2008 earthquake Sichuan, her home province, Jie returned almost a year later to hand out some tennis balls and rackets to children.

38. Caroline Wozniacki

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    Age: 21

    Country: Denmark

    WTA Rank: 1

    Fun Fact: Caroline Wozniacki is currently dating big-haired golfer Rory McIlroy.  They constantly tweet irritating things to each other. 

37. Serena Williams

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    Age: 29

    Country: United States of America.  Booya.

    WTA Rank: 27

    Fun Fact: Serena’s boyfriends, both confirmed and alleged, have included NFL star Keyshawn Johnson, film director Brett Ratner, actor Jackie Long of “ATL” fame and rapper Common.

    Bonus fact! My girl is a dog person.

36. Victoria Azarenka

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    Age: 22

    Country: Belarus

    WTA Rank: 5

    Fun Fact: She's from Minsk!  That will only mean something to you if you watched Friends

    If you didn't watch Friends, well then here: Her move to Scottsdale from Minsk, Belarus was aided by National Hockey League goalie Nikolai Khabibulin and his wife, who is a friend of Azarenka's mother. Thank you Wikipedia. 

35. Anne Keothavong

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    Age: 27

    Country: Great Britain

    WTA Rank: 100

    Fun Fact: Anne Keothavong lives in Wimbledon, South-West London and her favorite tournament is Wimbledon.  What a homer. 

    She also lists the following as her dislikes: dishonesty, bad hygiene and cats. 

34. Mathilde Johansson

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    Age:  26

    Country:  Sweden

    WTA Rank:  65

    Fun Fact: Johansson has a cameo as a lineswoman in the music video for “Hello” by Martin Solveig--a French DJ and producer tapped to work on Madonna’s upcoming, untitled studio album.

33. Elena Baltacha

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    Age:  28

    Country:  Born in Ukraine, represents Great Britain. 

    WTA Rank:  61

    Fun Fact: The Ukraine, she is weak!  The Ukraine is a game to you!?

    Okay that wasn't really a fun fact about Balatcha, but she's not very interesting. 

32. Jelena Dokić

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    Age:  28

    Country:  Australia

    WTA Rank:  73

    Fun Fact: Earlier in her career, Dokić upset several players ranked #1 in the world at the time: Martini Hingis in the first round of Wimbledon in 1999, Venus Williams in the 2000 Italian Open, and Kim Clijsters in the 2003 Zurich Open.

31. Vitalia Diatchenko

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    Age:  21

    Country:  Russia

    WTA Rank:  141

    Fun Fact: Diatchenko is an unholy 5’11” tall, her favorite actor is Keanu Reeves (I guess she feels “Johnny Mnemonic“ was underrated), enjoys house music and quiet time.

30. Shuai Peng

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    Age:  21

    Country:  China

    WTA Rank:  14

    Fun Fact:  Peng must be a loose-cannon waiting to happen, because she says John McEnroe is one of her favorite players. 

    What can I say, the girl has good taste!  Johnny Mac is my role model.

29. Flavia Pennetta

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    Age:  29

    Country:  Italy

    WTA Rank:  27

    Fun FactIn 2007, Pennetta was awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, the highest order of knighthood for Italy. 

    Italy knights people?

28. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

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    Age:  20

    Country:  Russia

    WTA Rank:  18

    Fun FactHer favorite food is Japanese Pizza.  WTF is Japanese pizza?

27. Julia Goerges

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    Age:  22

    Country:  Germany

    WTA Rank:  20

    Fun FactGoerges’ favorite singer is Michael Jackson and her favorite actor is Hugh Grant. Apparently Germany put the brakes on pop culture in 1993.

26. Sorana Cirstea

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    Age:  21                                                 

    Country:  Romania

    WTA Rank:  93

    Fun FactPeople don’t recognize Cirstea on the street, because…in her own words, “[she] looks different than on TV or on the tennis court.”

    Yep, she looks prettier in person.. that’s all I got.

25. Marta Domachowska

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    Age:  25

    Country:  Poland

    WTA Rank:  226

    Fun FactDomachowska’s favorite drink is Fanta, which first sold in Germany in 1941...and seems like a conflict of interest.

24. Sania Mirza

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    Age:  24

    Country:  India

    WTA Rank:  63

    Fun FactAccording to Google Trends, Mirza was the most searched woman tennis player in 2010.  Considering how saturated the internet is with certain blonde Russian tennis players, this is no small feat. 

23. Jarmila Gajdosova

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    Age:  24

    Country:  Slovakia

    WTA Rank:  31

    Fun FactGajdosova’s top five, favorite cities (in descending order) are: Melbourne, Sydney, Phoenix, Barcelona, and Bratislava; it almost seems like one of those “which of these doesn’t belong” problems.

22. Edina Gallovits-Hall

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    Age:  26

    Country:  Romania

    WTA Rank:  108

    Fun FactShe’s got awful taste in music and lists Staind and Linkin Park as her favorite artists.  Staind..seriously? Barf.

21. Fernando Verdasco

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    Age: 27

    Country: Spain

    WTA Rank: 19

    Fun Fact: Verdasco posed nude for Cosmopolitan Magazine in July 2008 issue to raise awareness of male cancer for Everyman Campaign.

20. Venus Williams

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    Age: 31

    Country: United States of America

    WTA Rank: 36

    Fun Fact: Venus has similar interests to that of your average senior citizen: the Bible, The Golden Girls, Asian antiques, sewing, receiving packages and art appreciation. 

    Weird Fact: She lists 311 as her favorite band.  In shocking news; the band 311, whose biggest hit was Down in 1994, is still together and even more shocking there is a 311 tribute band

    In unshocking news, I still remember all the words to Down. 

19. Angelique Kerber

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    Age: 23

    Country: Germany

    WTA Rank: 188

    Fun Fact: Kerber's favorite sport, presumably aside from tennis, is Formula 1 racing and she likes comedies because they give her positive emotions. 

18. Alona Bondarenko

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    Age: 27

    Country: Ukraine

    WTA Rank: 327

    Fun Fact: Bondarenko enjoys Russian pop music and playing chess and she's swinging a racket since she was five years old. 

17. Svetlana Kuznetsova

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    Age: 26

    Country: Russia

    WTA Rank: 16

    Fun Fact: Kuznetsova has appeared in a number of video games including: Top Spin 3, Virtua Tennis 2009 and will be a playable character in Virtua Tennis 4.   

16. Andrea Hlaváčková

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    Age: 25

    Country: Czech Republic

    WTA Rank: 127

    Fun Fact: Hlaváčková has one of the most famous booties in tennis.  See photo.  Her hometown Pizen is (apparently) a “famous beer town,” her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston and her favorite singer is Rihanna. 

15. Barbora Záhlavová Strýcová

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    Age: 25

    Country: Czech Republic

    WTA Rank: 71

    Fun Fact: Strýcová is famous for on-court meltdowns and “racket abuse.”  She also enjoys pasta, John Cusack, and the movie Grease. 

14. Ana Ivanović

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    Age: 23

    Country: Serbia and Montenegro  

    WTA Rank: 17

    Fun Fact:   Ivanovic is a superstitious person. Among her luck-related rituals are avoiding stepping on the lines of the court. 

    Oh and this is her most embarrassing moment in tennis: when she took another player's racquet bag onto court after mistaking it for her own.  Must be nice.  This is a stark reminder that I am a buffoon.  

13. Vania King

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    Age: 22

    Country: United States of America  

    WTA Rank: 83

    Fun Fact:   King’s likes: house music and easy listening, her cat named Honey, Paris (France, not Texas) and Mexican food.  Her dislikes: airplanes and packing.

    She's got a pretty baller Facebook page too. 

12. Sesil Karatantcheva

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    Age: 22

    Country: Bulgaria and/or Kazakhstan.    

    WTA Rank: 159

    Fun Fact:   Karatantcheva learned English by listening to the Spice Girls constantly and is now learning Spanish by listening to Shakira constantly. 

    Less fun fact: She served a two-year ban for twice testing positive for nandrolone. 

11. Andy Roddick

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    Age: 28

    Country: United States of America    

    WTA Rank: 21

    Fun Fact:   Roddick is married to Brooklyn Decker, who is hands-down one of the hottest chicks on the planet.  His favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption!  Swoon. 

    Less fun fact: His website says he’s one of the most celebrated athletes in the United States.  I just don’t know if that’s true.   

10. Iveta Benešová

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    Age: 28

    Country: Czech Republic

    WTA Rank: 41

    Fun Fact:  There are precisely zero fun facts about Benešová, so how about a fact about the Czech Republic? Karel Capek, a famous early twentieth century Czech playwright, introduced the word "robot" to the English language.  The word for robot comes from the Czech word "robota" which means servitude.

9. Bethanie Mattek-Sands

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    Age: 28

    Country: United States of America

    WTA Rank: 39

    Fun Fact:  Like Darnell Docket, Mattek-Sands is not afraid of alligatorsBased on her photo gallery she also enjoys: taking baths with socks and platforms on, leaning over railings and being chained to things

8. Camila Giorgi

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    Age: 19

    Country: Italy

    WTA Rank: 165

    Fun Fact:  Giorgini is kind of dark: her favorite book is the Diary of Anne Frank, her favorite color is black, her favorite surface is hard and her favorite sport is boxing.  Teenagers....sheesh.

7. Dominika Cibulková

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    Age: 22

    Country: Slovakia

    WTA Rank: 15

    Fun FactCibulková is a heartbreaker who has dated fellow tennis players Gaël Monfils and Jurgen Melzer

    She likes: bags, Forrest Gump, shopping and dumplings with cheese.  She dislikes: people who fidget, collecting things and impetuosity. 

6. Novak Djokovic

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    Age: 24

    Country: Serbia and Montenegro

    WTA Rank: 1

    Fun Fact:  Historic adversaries McEnroe and Borg both think Novak will win the 2011 U.S. Open.

5. Gisela Dulko

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    Age: 26

    Country: Argentina  

    WTA Rank: 51

    Fun Fact:  Dulko has three dogs: Goran, Nicole and Gunga. 

    Sad Fact: Her favorite movie is the Michael Bay atrocity Pearl Harbor

4. Maria Sharapova

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    Age: 24

    Country: Russia

    WTA Rank: 4

    Fun FactSharapova is the highest earning female athlete according to Forbes magazine; she brought in nearly double the next person down on the list.   

3. Na Li

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    Age: 29

    Country: China

    WTA Rank: 6

    Fun Fact:  She resides in China, speaks Chinese and enjoys visiting Beijing and reading.  Does the Chinese government write the bios for these girls?    

2. Daniela Hantuchová

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    Age: 24

    Country: Slovakia

    WTA Rank: 22

    Fun Fact:  Nutella is one of her favorite foods!  Yum.

    Unfortunate Fact for Average Joe’s hoping to eat Nutella with her: She’s got crazy expensive taste and lists: Armani, Cavalli, Dior and Missoni as her favorite designers. 

1. Maria Kirilenko

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    Age: 24

    Country: Russia

    WTA Rank: 26

    Fun Fact:  She appeared in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition alongside Daniela Hantuchová and Tatiana Golovin in a pictoral entitled Volley of the Dolls.

    Funner Fact: She’s into basketball, football and computer gaming.  It’s so adorable when blonde sexpots are just total nerds. 

BONUS: Anna Kournikova

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    Age: Ageless

    Country: Locationless

    WTA Rank: Irrelevant

    Fun Fact:  Anna K looks smokin in a bikini.  Bet you didn't know that.  

BONUS: OMG MORE Anna Kournikova

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    Age: Ageless

    Country: Locationless

    WTA Rank: Irrelevant

    Fun Fact:  Anna K is a very attractive woman.

BONUS: Anna Kournikova

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    She knows how to say goodbye.