Arsenal Loses 8-2: 5 Reasons Why Arsène Wenger Must Be Sacked Immediately

Manuel TraqueteSenior Analyst IAugust 29, 2011

Arsenal Loses 8-2: 5 Reasons Why Arsène Wenger Must Be Sacked Immediately

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    Today was a historic day for Arsenal FC, and not for good reasons. The North London club hadn't conceded eight goals in a match since 1896, but today they were on the receiving of an 8-2 mauling at Old Trafford.For 95 percent of managers, such an unspeakable humiliation would mean immediate sacking, but quite shockingly several hours have passed and Wenger is still the manager of Arsenal FC. If today's result wasn't enough to pass the message across (that Wenger needs to go), nothing will ever be enough.

    This result was nothing short of embarrassing for the club, the kind of result that only happens in FIFA/PES... when you invite a friend that has never tried the game before to play against you. 

    The following are five reasons why Wenger needs to be axed immediately. Not tomorrow, not in January, not at the end of the season, now!

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Arsenal Has Been Getting Worse with Each Passing Season

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    Arsenal fans will tell you that their team has been close to success, but the truth is very different. In the past six seasons, Arsenal finished fourth on four occasions and third on two occasions. The only year where they were realistically in contention for the title was 2007/2008. Instead of improving, though, Arsenal's 2008/2009 squad was the worst in recent memory... that is, until this year's squad came along.

    Wenger kept saying that he was building a squad "for the future,? implying that his "young" team would improve, but the opposite has happened. This year's squad is shockingly mediocre for a club who claims to have high aspirations. It seems pretty much certain that Arsenal will miss out on a Top 4 finish for the first time in 15 years and that the trophy drought will continue. 

    The fact that the squad is gradually getting worse under Wenger is a sign that the Frenchman can no longer take the club forward. If he sticks around, Arsenal will only sink further.

The Youth Project Is a Huge Bust

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    Arsène Wenger's so-called youth project has failed... miserably. Today's match was the best evidence of that. Manchester United fielded an even younger team than Arsenal and still destroyed them. This time, Wenger can't even use his usual excuse that his team is young and learning. Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson showed him today what a real youth project is like.

    Wenger's obsession with youth has turned Arsenal into a glorified football academy. Young players go there to get some first team football and develop their game before they move on to bigger and better things, due to the club's clear lack of ambition. Wenger's reluctance to sign/keep experienced players in the squad is slowly but steadily sinking the club. How long will it be until the likes of Theo Walcott or even Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey seek a move to a club with higher ambitions? 

He Refuses To Change His Ways

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    Given his past at the club, Wenger could be given another chance if he did acknowledge his mistakes and took a different approach, but that's just not going to happen. Year after year, Wenger keeps making the same mistakes and stubbornly refuses to change his ways.

    Even after the Old Trafford mauling, Wenger claimed that signings aren't the answer to the problem. He clearly sounds like a man who's completely lost the plot. How is addressing obvious holes in the squad not the answer?

    Wenger's football philosophy might be admirable, but completely outdated. In modern football, you can't win the major prizes without serious investment in your squad. Even FC Barcelona, who have the best academy in the world, splash money on world class players to complement their homegrown talent.

    Wenger's aversion to change makes him a liability for Arsenal.

He Has Brainwashed the Supporters into Accepting Mediocrity

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    Even worse than Arsenal's trophy drought is the fact that some sections of supporters have grown to accept and praise failure. They boast of finishing in the Top 4 and being financially healthy and having a young team that plays "the right way" while completely ignoring the lack of success. This kind of conformism with failure is shocking for a club who claims to be one of the big clubs in Europe.

    This defeatist attitude has been brought by none other than Arsène Wenger, who instilled a culture of excuses at the club and made some fans believe that Arsenal would be nothing without him. The reason some supporters don't want him sacked is because they can't picture life without Wenger. They were brainwashed to believe Wenger is some kind of divine entity that he clearly is not.

    Arsenal desperately need a new manager, one who brings back a winning mentality to the club. In Arsène Arsenal rusts!

Doing the Same Things All the Time and Expecting Different Results Is Madness

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    This pretty much sums it up. Wenger has been repeating his mistakes year after year, expecting to get different results. The only result is that the squad has been getting worse by the year. At some point, Arsenal fans and the board must be fed up with Wenger's baffling insistence on the same disastrous policies year after year.

    Wenger's first few seasons at Arsenal were very successful, but it's downright ridiculous that he's still living off that past success. Just ask yourself: wouldn't you lose your job if after eight years of great work, you were a terrible employee for six years? Wenger did great things for Arsenal, but he's not bigger than the club. There's no reason he should be allowed to keep destroying the club just because of his past achievements.

    When things aren't going well, you need to make changes. And things couldn't possibly be worse at Arsenal, today was one of the most embarrassing days in the club's history. The longer Wenger sticks around, the more Arsenal will sink.

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