Born to Runner Up: Why Chavo Guerrero Should Be Happy Playing Robin

Alex NoonanContributor IIAugust 28, 2011

Chavo in action against Kane
Chavo in action against Kane

Chavo Guerrero left the WWE earlier this summer, 10 years after he entered the company following the demise of the WCW. In those 10 years Guerrero had some notable moments, including, being one half of the tag team champions with his Uncle Eddie, being Cruiserweight champion (hey, it was credible at one point) and engaging in more than a few entertaining matches.

Guerrero cited his reason for leaving as feeling under utilised and not being pushed to a level he felt he deserved to be at. The trouble with these statements, however, is that both are entirely inaccurate, Chavo reached his peak, and some might say even over achieved.

Since leaving the company Guerrero has given several similar interviews, claiming he was tired of being the guy used to "get over" new talent and the guy overlooked in favor of other superstars he claims couldn't even lace their boots.

It is almost shocking to hear such sentiments from a man who isn't even the best wrestler in his own family (by a long way, too), declaring he is one of the top performers in the world.  It is unfair to compare Chavo to his legendary uncle. He is an average-to-good in ring performer but is devoid of any charisma so he will always be in the shadow of Eddie but when you compare him to similar mid-carders in the WWE he also comes up short. Dolph Ziggler or RTruth for example, have much more to offer.

When out on his own he was best used as fodder for the likes of Rey Mysterio or CM Punk but Chavo found his niche in the WWE as a sidekick, whether it be to Eddie or later in his career to Edge. Going back, even in his WCW days he was most notable for playing second fiddle to a hobby horse called Pepe and his spell as Lieutenant Loco. Indeed, it is noteworthy that when given a chance for a makeover (as Loco) he ended up second-in-command, again.



For every Batman there is a Robin and Guerrero filled the role as sidekick with ease, advancing his career further than many would have expected even with his family's history and connections in wrestling.

Indeed many more talented wrestlers haven't had half the success of Chavo. He should be counting his blessing these days for having had such a long career and being able to walk away from it, neither crying poverty nor dealing with substance abuse issues like so many of his contemporaries.