Success Breeds Suc-Cesc for Barcelona's New Buy and Concern for Everyone

Dave OrdContributor IAugust 28, 2011

Thumbs up start to his Barcelona career for Cesc Fabregas.
Thumbs up start to his Barcelona career for Cesc Fabregas.

Quick suggestion to that new Barcelona midfielder: Change your name to Suc-Cesc Fabregas. Granted, it doesn't have the same ludicrous shock value as Metta World Peace Artest, but success does seem to be the operative word. The summer's most talked about, and for quite a while the most anticipated, transfer seems to be worth all the hype.

By winning the Spanish Super Cup and the UEFA Super Cup in his first two weeks with the club, Fabregas has already claimed two medals (that's the same total he won at Arsenal in eight years), and he's only been in Catalonia for two weeks.

It's true that August medals are carbon in weight compared to May's gold, but two for two is a pretty good start for a guy who left Barca's academy in 2003 to get top-level playing time.

The phrase "break-in period" almost always tags along with a new hire, no matter what level. Fabregas has said the first kit he owned as a child was a Barcelona one.

Maybe those feelings helped him break the "break-in" mold, and that is likely to mean bad news for the other teams in Spain and Europe. Last season's dominant Barca squad now has another weapon. It's hard to not see them taking the big trophies home again this season.

Some will pose the question: "Will the piece fit into an already-finished jigsaw puzzle?" But perhaps a better way to look at it is another bold stroke on a Joan Miro masterpiece.

Barcelona's European campaign begins Sept. 13 with AC Milan at Camp Nou. It likely will end at Allianz Arena in Munich on May 19 with Fabregas toting another medal around his neck. Success breeds Suc-Cesc.