IMPACT: How I Would Write out the Current Hogan/Sting/Immortal Storyline

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 29, 2011

We all know where this angle is going.

Two guys, well past their primes, in a one-on-one wrestling match at the biggest pay-per-view on the IMPACT Wrestling calendar, Bound For Glory.

There's no avoiding this match.

It's bound to happen now and almost set in stone.

Furthermore, I'll be lying if I said I'm not worried about the outcome of this match and the future of IMPACT Wrestling.

I have no idea where the angle is going with exception of one match. but I just want to throw in my two cents on the current storyline between Sting and Hogan. So, here we go.

(This is starting after last week when Sting first issued his challenge to Hogan).

The September 1 edition of IMPACT kicks off with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair coming to the ring to a chorus of boos. Typical start.

Hogan feels Sting disrespected him last week and calls him out.

Sting comes out.

Hogan agrees to the match at Bound For Glory but there's a catch:

Sting has to put his career on the line. He loses, he's gone.

Sting grabs a mic and dances around the ring, playing to his Joker gimmick. He talks about how something's not right. Something's one sided.

Sting tells Hogan in order to "sweeten the pot" he needs to put something at stake. He needs to put his career on the line. His spot on the IMPACT roster.

Hogan is quick to shoot down the idea but Flair steps in.

Ric Flair volunteers Hogan and tells Sting that Hogan will kick his ass! 

Sting says it's a date and happily leaves to his music. Hogan is pissed at Flair as both guys walk up the ramp.

The night goes on.

Main event time: A World Title match pitting Sting against. Kurt Angle with Hogan as enforcer.

Sting and Angle go back and forth, having a good match. After a ref bump, Hogan slides in Angle's belt and Angle cracks Sting in the head to win. 

September 8

Hogan comes to the ring alone to start the night.

He says he gave Flair the night off and can speak for himself. Which he does, saying he will only put his career on the line at BFG on one condition:

Sting beats Immortal in a four on one handicap match main event.

After about the third match of the night, we're backstage in Hogan's office.

He tells Gunner, Bully Ray, Steiner and Abyss to destroy Sting tonight. He also says he has a surprise for the so called icon.

During the night, Jeff Jarrett cuts a promo mocking the Guerrero family name. Hector sits by at his announce table just ignoring Double J.

Main event: Sting vs. Bully Ray, Gunner, Abyss and Scott Steiner

Sting waits in the ring and Hulk comes out leading Immortal.

Hogan says he has a surprise for Sting.

He makes the handicap match a no disqualification match!

Sting says he saw that coming. Hogan laughs on the ramp while Immortal slowly walks to the ring. Suddenly, Fortune comes out of nowhere to blindside Immortal.

Everything has broken down as Beer Money attacks Abyss, Daniels goes for Steiner, Kazarian gets Gunner and AJ attacks Bully Ray outside the ring.

Mexican America comes out to fight Beer Money off. Abyss starts to help his fellow Immortal mates out but the numbers catch up with Fortune and the tides have turned.

Mr. Anderson's music hits and he charges to ringside to a good pop from the crowd and a chair in hand.

Abyss tries to fend off Anderson but just receives a chair shot to the head.

Bully, Steiner and Gunner all flee through the crowd and watch on.

Anderson slides Abyss into the ring and hits a Mic Check. Starring down Bully Ray the entire time.

Sting calls for a referee to start the match, with the bell ringing and Sting pinning Abyss to win as a pissed off Hulk Hogan watches on.

September 15 

The night starts off with an X Division match between Anthony Nese and Zema Ion. No Hogan.

After the match, we go backstage to Immortal's locker room.

Bischoff is furious and lets everyone know that Hogan isn't here tonight following the events that took place last week. 

Bischoff says that they didn't get the job done last week and wants to see if they're still of use to him or if he should just fire them all for failing Hulk and himself last week.

He plans on putting all of them to the test tonight.

Gunner defeats Kazarian after their meeting backstage.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and asks Hector Guerrero if he if endorsed by the Mexican people. Hector calls Jarrett an embarrassment to AAA and wrestling. Jarrett slaps Hector and beats him down until security pulls Jarrett away.

Scott Steiner cheats to beat James Storm after using his tights in an almighty roll up pin.

Bischoff is happy with Immortal's progress tonight and puts Abyss and Bully Ray in the main event against Mr. Anderson and AJ Styles.

Bully Ray isn't happy and yells at Abyss for losing last week. Bully warns Abyss not to screw this up.

Two more matches go by and it's main event time.

Bully Ray spends much of the match avoiding Anderson. Abyss is beating down AJ and tosses him outside the ring. Bully starts to beat on Styles while Abyss distracts the referee.

Anderson runs over to save Styles from Bully Ray. Bully sees Anderson coming and runs up the ramp with Anderson in pursuit.

Abyss slides Styles back into the ring and grabs him in a choke slam. Styles reverses the move, lands behind Abyss and hits a Pelé. Styles hits a springboard 450 for the win.

September 22

Hulk Hogan comes out to start the night.

Hogan looks sad and worried and asks Sting to please come out; later asking Sting if they can call off the match. Hogan promises to run the company the right way from here on out.

Sting asks if Hogan is scared of the Stinger. Sting asks the crowd if Hogan is scared of him and continues to mock Hogan.

Hogan says he's in no mood for games, even apologizing and offering his hand to Sting.

Sting shakes Hogan's hand and tells him he'll see him on October 16 at BFG in Philly and laughs in Hogan's face.

After two matches we're backstage in Hogan's locker room.

Hogan is sitting there by himself and Ric Flair walks in with two girls by his side and shouting out his trademark, "Woo!"

Flair thanks Hogan for the vacation the last two weeks and said he had a great time. He asks Hogan why he's so depressed and Hogan snaps on Flair.

Hogan starts yelling about his match with Sting and Flair is calm and says Sting's no problem. He reminds Hogan of who he is and volunteers himself to prepare Hogan for BFG.

Abyss asked Bischoff for another chance to prove himself and Bischoff books Abyss in a match next.

Abyss loses cleanly to Murphy.

Abyss gets backstage and Immortal is waiting on the entrance ramp. Bully Ray slaps Abyss and The Monster pushes Bully Ray to the ground and continues backstage.

Hector Guerrero gets in the ring and calls out Jeff Jarrett. He tells Jarrett that he has a surprise for him next week and Jarrett is delighted.

The night goes on with no members of Immortal in the main event.

September 29

Bully Ray, Gunner and Steiner are in the ring.

Bully Ray says Hogan and Flair aren't here because they're getting ready for the "biggest main event in BFG history."

Thus, Bully calls out Abyss.

Bully tells Abyss he used to be a monster, but now he's just a "little b—." That sets Abyss off and he gets in Bully's face. 

Steiner grabs the mic and asks Abyss when he grew a pair and warns Abyss that he'll handle him for Bully Ray.

Steiner makes fun of Abyss for losing to Murphy. He says the guy hasn't been on TV in like six months. Bully asks him if he can even beat that piece of crap, D-Von.

In fact, Bully Ray volunteers Abyss for a match against Devon later tonight.

After the first match of the night, Abyss' match is next.

Devon is still recovering from Joe's attack last month but is still ready to fight. 

Abyss and Devon go back and forth until Abyss gains the edge after a choke slam. Both guys are down and the referee starts the 10 count.

He reaches six and Samoa Joe comes out and attacks Abyss' knee.

Bully Ray walks to the ring with his chain wrapped around his fist. He and Joe stare at each other but then Bully tells Joe to hold Abyss. Bully nails Abyss and busts him open. Joe kicks Devon out of the ring and both guys stand over Abyss and shake hands.

Hector Guerrero gets in the ring and asks Jeff Jarrett to come out.

Jarrett comes out and is anxious to see what Hector has up his sleeve. Hector says he knows a proud Mexican Warrior who would be more than happy to meet Jeff Jarrett.

Hector introduces Chavo Guerrero!

Jarrett looks confused as Chavo walks to the ring. Jarrett asks why Chavo is here and Chavo tells him that he's going to kick Jeff's ass and bring the AAA title back to Mexico.

Jarrett opens his mouth to say something but Chavo punches Jarrett in the face before he can speak. Jeff rolls out of the ring saying that Chavo made the biggest mistake of his life.

The main event for next week is Samoa Joe vs. Sting.

October 6

Bully Ray and Immortal are in the ring. Bully would like to welcome Samoa Joe as the newest member of Immortal.

Bully says that Hogan and Flair will be on the show later tonight.

After three matches, Chavo Guerrero is ready to make his IMPACT debut against Immortal's, Gunner.

The Jarretts are on commentary during the match. After a close match, Chavo hits the Three Amigos suplex combo then a Frog Splash for the win. He stares down Jarrett at the announce table and points to the AAA title.

Bully Ray defeats Murphy cleanly, looks at the camera and tells them that's how it's done. Sending a message to Abyss.

The night goes on until it's main event time.

Samoa Joe dominates Sting after blind siding him before the opening bell. Joe beats Sting up all around the IMPACT Zone before finally rolling him into the ring.

The bell rings and Joe locks on a chock hold. Sting is knocked out and the ref is calling for the bell but Joe won't break up the submission.

Hulk Hogan's music hits and Hogan is walking to the ring smiling. He yells in Sting's face and tells Joe to hold Sting for him.

Hogan tees off on Sting while Joe holds The Icon. Hogan stands over a knocked out Sting to close the show.

October 13

The night starts with a preview to BFG.

After the opening match we see Immortal celebrating backstage.

Hogan is talking about how he beat down Sting last week and will finally get him out of IMPACT after October 16. Bully Ray is talking about dropping that piece of crap Abyss and picking up Samoa Joe.

Everyone in Immortal is happy.

A contract signing between Sting and Hulk Hogan is the main event of the show.

After a lot of hype for BFG the final match of the night is Bully Ray, Jeff Jarrett and Samoa Joe vs. Abyss, Chavo Guerrero and Devon.

After the match the contract signing takes place. Hogan is arrogant while signing the contract. Career vs. career.

Bound For Glory

This is not the full card. Only matches that effect Immortal.

Bully Ray vs. Abyss

Samoa Joe vs. Devon

AAA title: Jeff Jarrett vs. Chavo Guerrero

Career vs. Career: Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

Bully Ray and Samoa Joe win their matches. Bully will continue to feud with Abyss into November and Samoa Joe will move deeper into the main event.

Chavo Guerrero wins and brings the belt back to Mexico. Jeff is too ashamed of himself for losing and will become more of a backstage worker. Trainer, scout, anything to keep him off TV.

Sting defeats Hulk Hogan. Hogan is officially gone from IMPACT Wrestling.

The following week on IMPACT, Dixie Carter is back in control and fires Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair. Sting says that he promised to leave once Immortal was gone and says he's going to retire now.

Dixie stops Sting on the entrance ramp and says that someone needs to be an authority figure around here. Dixie Carter appoints Sting, non Joker, as General Manager.

With Immortal gone, there's no use for Scott Steiner so he can be a trainer, scout or backstage kind of guy.

Gunner can expand on his singles career.

Abyss and Bully Ray will feud for the rest of 2011.

Everything in IMPACT Wrestling goes back to status quo. Everything is just like before the Hogan/Bischoff Regime ever started.


Well, that's how I'd write it.

I think it'd greatly benefit the future of IMPACT Wrestling.

I'm writing off Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and making Sting the authority figure.

Just think of how much more TV time and money that ought to free up.

Now that you've seen how I would do this storyline I'd love to see where any of you readers would take this angle.

Thanks for reading.


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