A Chance To Make a Statement :Broncos Vs. Atlanta

E PaContributor INovember 16, 2008

Today the Broncos have a chance to prove something. People constantly say, "the defense is awful", "they are so lucky to be in the AFC west", and "they should be 3-6 after all they were given two of their wins." If the Broncos win today, missing five RB's and five defensive starters, they will prove that they actually can do something.

They are facing off against the Falcons, the Falcons lead the league in rushing. They also have an incredibly hot rookie QB in Matt Ryan. In addition, the defense is playing very well under the coaching of Brian VanGorder. That would make it all the more impressive. If the Broncos win today, they will prove that their defense can play, that it can shut down a favored Falcons team in their home stadium.

The Broncos running back core has been hit with injuries this year, with four on IR, and another out for this game. If the Broncos offense still produces without any threat of a running game it will be all the more impressive. The Broncos need to prove they are legitimate, this is their chance.