Derek Jeter: The 10 Sexiest Reasons Mr. November Is a Captain off the Field

Jeffrey BeckmannCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2011

Derek Jeter: The 10 Sexiest Reasons Mr. November Is a Captain off the Field

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    While some Major League Baseball players collect expensive cars, New York Yankees star Derek Jeter collects trophy girlfriends.

    Can we blame him?

    Jeter has one of the sexiest dating resumes known to man, with about as many beautiful women to coincide with his 12 All-Star Game appearances.

    One thing is clear—Jeter has some mad game, both on and off the field.

    Of course, with the gentleman that I am, I would never "rank" women according to looks or personality, so there are no numbers next to their names. If they happened to fall in a specific order, per se, it must have been by coincidence. You get the point.

    Here are the 10 Sexiest Reasons Mr. November Is a Captain off the Field.

Rachel Uchitel

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    Many people probably wouldn't have recognized Rachel Uchitel until her highly-publicized affair with Tiger Woods became public a few months back.

    If Woods got a birdie, then Jeter got a hole-in-one—because he aced the course way back in 2008.

Mariah Carey

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    Mariah Carey was the first bombshell Jeter landed as a member of the New York Yankees.

    Not bad.

    The story broke after Jeter showed up in one of Mariah's music videos back in 1997. The relationship ended soon after "The Captain" was overheard saying "You're crazy!" to Carey.

    At least he's honest. 

Vida Guerra

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    Vida Guerra is known for many things.

    OK, while that may be a stretch, she really is known for one big  thing—her booty.

    While Vida and Jeter "unofficially" made some rendezvous with one another, it's official that if you Google "Vida Guerra" that you will see nothing but half-naked pictures. Check it out.  

Jessica Biel

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    Jessica Biel makes the baseball movie Summer Catch worth watching. Heck, she made me want to spend an entire career in the Cape Cod League.

    Jeter dated Biel in 2006-07 before passing her off to Justin Timberlake. It was apparently time to add another notch to the old belt, if you know what I mean.


Vanessa Minnillo

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    Speaking of notches on the old belt, that's exactly what the Yanks' captain was to former Total Request Live host Vanessa Minnillo. The two dated from 2003-04.

    The 1998 Miss Teen USA had a fling with Scottie Pippen and is currently in a cozy relationship with Nick Lachey.

Jordana Brewster

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    I remember seeing The Fast and the Furious in high school. Jordana Brewster was no doubt on the mind of many teenage boys as they happily dreamt through the night.

    Brewster dated Jeter in 2002-03—after she dated Mark Wahlberg but before she dated Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath.

Lara Dutta

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    How is a picture worth 1,000 words when I am left speechless? Lara Dutta has that effect on most men (and plenty of women).

    The India-native and former Miss Universe had a fling with Jeter in 2000-01. She is currently a model and an actress.   

Minka Kelly

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    Jeter, like many of us, fell in love with Minka Kelly while she was two-timing her paraplegic boyfriend on Friday Night Lights.

    Even more cool points for Minka—her dad was a guitarist for Aerosmith.

    Once the engagement rumors began, it was only a matter of time before he had to step away.

    Haven't you learned anything over the last 17 years, Minka?

Adriana Lima

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    Adriana Lima is the reason men all over the world dream of going to Brazil.

    While Jeter only dated the Brazilian beauty for a short time in 2006, Lima claims Mr. November never rounded third base.

    She must have been a Red Sox fan.

Jessica Alba

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    Jessica Alba. Wow.

    I despise DJ for stealing Jessica away from me, and he must be the dumbest damn Yankee in the world for letting her go.

    While rumors surfaced claiming Jeter gave Jessica herpes back in 2004, I can tell you it isn't true. If it were, Jeter would have retired seven years ago after I busted both of his knee caps.


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