UFC 134 Results: Grades for Every Main Card Fighter

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2011

UFC 134 Results: Grades for Every Main Card Fighter

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    Anderson Silva proved once again why may consider him the baddest man ever to wear the fingerless, four ounce gloves when he knocked out Yushin Okami in the second round of their middleweight world title fight.

    In other action, Shogun Rua was victorious over Forrest Griffin in a rematch of their 2007 bout, Edwin Barboza continued looking impressive in a decision victory over Ross Pearson, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira proved he is not to be taken lightly as he knocked out Brendan Schaub, and Luiz Cain was the only Brazilian to lose on his home turf.

    But regardless if they won or loss, how did each fighter perform? It is time once again for the unofficial official professor of B/R MMA to dish out some grades to all the fighters on the main card.

Anderson Silva: A-

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    There will always be doubters and haters out there. But after his destruction of Yushin Okami, there is little doubt that Anderson Silva is the best fighter in MMA today.

    Okami did give Silva a little trouble early in the fight, but it did not take Silva long to get him figured out. By the second round, Silva had his way with Okami until he eventually pounded out the TKO victory.

Shogun Rua: A

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    In a rematch of a fight nearly four years ago, Shogun was able to avenge his first UFC loss in less than two minutes.

    Shogun came out with a fury that we have not seen since his second fight against Lyoto Machida. Rua looked like he wanted to do nothing more but to send Griffin in to another dimension of consciousness.

    He succeeded in impressive fashion.

Edson Barboza: B+

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    Barboza was able to remain unbeaten in his professional mixed martial arts career when he squeaked out a split decision over Ross Pearson.

    Barboza looked sharp in the first two rounds, but seemed to have faded when the third round came around. But by the time he was gassed, Pearson was too tired and beaten up to mount any sort of effective attack against the young Brazilian.

Forrest Griffin: D-

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    With all the comments Griffin was making leading in to his fight against Shogun Rua, it almost seemed that he thought he was going to lose.

    Did Griffin psyche himself out before the fight took place? Is his chin starting to fail him? When he is on, is Rua that good?

    We will find out when Griffin steps back inside the Octagon.

Brendan Schaub: C-

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    Schaub was highly confident leading in to his fight against the bigger of the Nogueira brothers. In fact, he went as far as to say that he wanted to fight Brock Lesnar next.

    Schaub did have some good moments in his fight. He landed a couple of punches that would have put away most heavyweights. But Nogueira is not your average heavyweight.

    Perhaps Schaub learned two valuable lessons Saturday—never look past your opponent, and it only takes one solid punch from a heavyweight to put an aburpt end to your evening.

Luiz Cane: C-

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    Possibly the biggest surprise of the evening came when UFC newcomer Stanislav Nedkov made the HBSC arena silent when he knocked out Cane in the first round of their bout.

    Cane was clearly the more technical striker, but he did not have the power behind his strikes to put Nedkov in any sort of trouble. Then Nedkov was able to connect with one of his wild right hands, and that was all she wrote.

Ross Pearson: C+

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    Pearson was picked apart for the better part of the first two rounds in his fight against Edson Barboza. If you had any doubts who was the dominant striker, all you had to do was take a look at Pearson's face.

    But to his credit, Pearson gutted it out, and came out strong in the third round. Both fighters appeared tired, but Pearson had just a little more left towards the end of the fight.

    However, by the time Barboza slowed down, it was too late for Pearson to take full advantage of it.

Yushin Okami: D+

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    Okami had the right idea coming in to his fight against middleweight champion Anderson Silva, but Silva was just too good to let him execute his game plan.

    Okami had limited success when he had Silva pinned up against the cage, and that was all the success that he had.

    Long story short, Silva made him look like a boy in the cage against the man.

Stanislav Nedkov: B

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    Nedkov made the most of his UFC debut when he silenced Luiz Cane, and the entire crowd inside the HBSC arena, in the first round of their light heavyweight matchup.

    Nedkov was getting picked apart for nearly the entire first round, until he landed a crazy overhand right that left Cane off balance. He pounced from there, and it was the beginning of the end.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: B++

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    Every great champion has a great fight left in them. Was this Nogueira's last great fight?

    Brendan Schaub nailed Nogueira with some heavy shots that would have knocked out most of the fighters in the division. Then Nogueira was able to channel himself back to 2005, and unleash a punch that had Schaub seeing stars.

    After all the wars he has been in, no one would complain if Nogueira decided to call it a career after such an impressive victory. Whatever the case may be, fans won't complain either way.